Multigenerational Fitness

Winter 2012

Rashi fifth and sixth graders are visiting our senior neighbors at NewBridge on the Charles weekly for a new Get Fit, Stay Fit elective. The students and seniors join together for warm-up stretches and exercises, and games including volleyball, polo and football! Click here for fitness photos.



Kindergarten Play

January 2012

Kindergarten students charmed the audience with their performance of "Stone Soup." The story relates to the children's study of  Animals in Winter and Soup and the Jewish Response to Hunger. Click here for play photos.





Kindergarten Peace March
January 2012

After learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the peace marches of the Civil Rights era, Rashi kindergarten students made their own peace signs with messages of fairness and marched through the school hallway. Click here for Peace March photos.




Engineering Design Day

December 2011

Using brainstorming, teamwork and scientific skills, students at all grade levels tackled a variety of engineering challenges. Students worked in small groups and used an eight-step design process that included developing solutions, constructing and testing prototypes, and redesigning for improvement. Click here for Design Day photos.




Grade 2 Family Havdallah Program

December 2011

Second graders and their families joined together for a program about Havdallah: children and parents made candles, spice boxes, and grape juice; heard the story of Elijah, and experienced a Havdallah service. Click here for Family program photos.



Fall Fundraiser

November 2011

Close to 200 Rashi parents and friends turned out to honor Dena and Michael Rashes, who were presented the Kehillah Award for their leadership and commitment to the school. Click here for Fall Fundraiser photos.





Mitzvah Makers

November 2011

This is the 17th year that Rashi students have been creating friendships with Hebrew SeniorLife residents and the second year that the Mitzvah Makers are connecting with our NewBridge neighbors for monthly meetings of songs, crafts, holiday activities, and more. Click here for Mitzvah Makers photos.



Middle School Reading Buddies

October 2011

Middle school students in the Jewish Coalition for Literacy (JCL) elective are developing friendships with their kindergarten reading buddies at the Early Childhood Education Center in Dedham. JCL is a program of the Jewish Community Relations Council. Click here to see JCL photos.




Generations Day

October 2011

Grandparents and special friends spent an afternoon with Rashi students, sharing classes and Kabbalat Shabbat.  Click here for Generations Day photos.



Kindergarten Welcome Ceremony

October 2011

Kindergarten families joined together to celebrate the beginning of their children's Jewish learning. The festive program that included the children singing tefillot and holiday songs, gathering under a large tallit for the blessing, writing about and illustrating what they hope they will learn from Torah this year, and receiving beautifully decorated slates that had their Hebrew and English names as well as a drop of honey so that their learning will always be connected with sweetness! Click here for Kindergarten Welcome Ceremony photos.


Yom Ha'Atzma'ut

A spirited celebration of Israel's birthday included singing and dancing, crafts activities and trivia contests. Click here for Yom Ha'Atzmaut photos.






Grade 7 in Washington, D.C.

The grade 7 trip to D.C. included visits to t he Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Newseum, Holocaust Museum, White House, and Capitol, as well as time for theater and baseball!



Dedication Day

October 2010

The Rashi School’s building dedication this fall was a celebration of 25 years of vision, leadership, and support from its community. More than 800 people, representing Rashi’s past, present, and future, joined together at our beautiful new facility on a multigenerational campus in Dedham. Click here for Event Photos.