Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts


List of 15 news stories.

  • Teachers spent the morning discussing the use of essential questions in their instruction.

    Professional Development: Collaborating to Enrich Teaching & Learning

    For faculty and staff, a professional development day is an opportunity to turn the classroom around and become students for a day.
  • Rashi's class of 2017 poses with their friends from Leo Baeck in Haifa during  their visit in October.

    Reaching Out to Our Friends in Haifa

    With Israel, it’s personal. When the Rashi community first learned about the many fires that broke out in Israel over Thanksgiving, we did what anyone would do: we reached out to our friends and loved ones in Israel to learn if they were safe, let them know that they are in our hearts, and to find out how our community could support them.
  • Dr. Zbysek Brezina

    Faculty Profiles: Dr. Zbysek Brezina

    Meet Dr. Z: Rashi's Grade 8 Social Studies teacher.
  • Mrs. Miller led a group whose activities focused on understanding mathematical equations and considering math as part of their daily experience.

    Teaching to Every Child: Math in Kindergarten

    In our active classrooms, Rashi’s teachers continuously observe their students and adapt their instruction to create an environment where students embrace challenges, collaborate, and problem-solve.
  • Being Thankful Today and Every Day

    The wise Rabbi Nachman of Breslov wrote, “Gratitude rejoices with her sister, joy.”
  • Deb Berlin combines two components of polyurethane foam.

    Qualitative and Quantitative Observation

    When engaging in scientific research, students explore different ways to describe their observations so that they can have discussions that fuel scientific understanding. In this seventh grade science class, students are discussing the merits of using quantitative and qualitative data based on the situation.
  • Teaching Responsible Digital Citizenship

    As technology advances and the nature of education follows suit, teachers at Rashi focus on guiding students to make decisions that balance their lives online and off.
  • Kindergarteners exercised their right to vote.

    Mookie v. Pookie: Rashi Votes

    Fictional characters Mookie and Pookie are making the rounds at Rashi today as they vie for President of The Rashi School in Kindergarten and Grade 2.
  • Fall Fun with the Mitzvah Makers!

    “Wherever there are beginners and experts, old and young, there is some kind of learning going on, some kind of teaching. We are all pupils and we are all teachers.” ~ Gilbert Highet
  • Students engage in an exercise about the history of women's rights.

    Middle School Holds Civics Day

    On Thursday, November 3, just five days before Election Day, Rashi's middle schoolers devoted their studies to understanding our nation's election process and the year's historic election.
  • Coding Comes to Hebrew!

    Students in seventh and eighth grade Hebrew classes are applying their coding skills to improve oral proficiency.
  • Head of School Mallory Rome and Neal Levy, Rashi's new Director of Development

    Rashi Announces New Director of Development

    The Rashi School, the Boston Area Reform Jewish K-8 Independent School, is pleased to welcome Neal Levy as the school’s new Director of Development.
  • Sixth Graders Explore Ecology

    Early this school year, our sixth graders took a nature walk as an intro to their ecology unit.
  • The Sukkat Shalom

    Creating a Shelter of Peace, our Sukkat Shalom

    Almost everyone who has come into Rashi has walked through the Sukkat Shalom—the central area on the first floor of our building—but many who have come through don’t know the history and intended power of the space.  
  • Abby Richmond '14 Launches Political Website

    This class of 2014 alumna has been closely following and commenting on the 2016 election since April 12, 2016. Check out