Rashi's social thinking program -- based on the research and practice of Michelle Garcia Winner -- helps children become self-aware, flexible and resilient, and makes them successful leaders and sought-after team members.
Successful social thinkers think about other people – their point of view, emotions, thoughts, and intentions – whether they are with friends, in a classroom, or playing outside.

Rashi’s social thinking methodology guides students starting in Kindergarten to be effective social thinkers. Taught once a week in K-5 by our school psychologist, our program teaches children to understand how others are experiencing a situation, develop empathy, and engage in productive and respectful communication. These skills enable Rashi students to navigate day-to-day interactions and successfully handle social conflicts when they arise. This is particularly important at Rashi, where project-based learning is often done in teams or small groups.

Social thinking reinforces our core values, particularly kavod (respect) and kehillah (community), as it prepares Rashi students to be successful social thinkers in our 21st century world.