Rashi has a full-time nurse during school hours to provide medical assistance to students and to administer medication and first aid.


Each child learns differently. Rather than expecting students to conform to a classroom norm, our teachers know their students and meet them where they are academically. Our goal is for all Rashi students to gain the knowledge and skills at a pace that is at once comfortable and challenging to them. Our differentiated approach blends whole class, small-group, and individual teaching, allowing instructors to provide enrichment in areas of student strength and strategies and encouragement where necessary.

There are several resources available for students who benefit from additional learning support. We have learning specialists on staff to support students in reading, writing, spelling, math, organizational skills, and subject-area learning. These specialists work closely with classroom teachers to help them adapt their teaching to foster each student’s learning.

Our school is proud of its partnership with Gateways, a Jewish organization which provides learning support in the areas of Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy to students both in and outside the classroom.


Rashi has a full-time psychologist on staff who teaches our Social Thinking curriculum in the Lower school and who supports teachers on social issues that come up in the classrooms. By teaching in the classroom, our psychologist gets to know every student in the school and is a ready resource for any academic or social questions that arise from teachers or students.

We are pleased to be the recipients of a generous grant from the Morton E. Ruderman Inclusion Scholarship Fund.

A partnership between CJP, the Ruderman Family Foundation and Gateways: Access to Jewish Education, this Fund helps to defray the cost of both school-based and ancillary services for students with disabilities and special needs, particularly those who require financial aid. The goal of the Fund is to attract new families who are prevented from sending their children with disabilities and special needs to Boston-area Jewish day schools due to affordability challenges, as well as to support existing families by sustaining and enhancing current financial aid awards. The Fund honors the legacy of Morton E. Ruderman, and all that he did to inspire and support our community in creating more inclusive schools for all Jewish children.

We are grateful to the Ruderman Foundation and to CJP for their support of The Rashi School.