Tuition & Accessibility

Accepting Applications in Select Grades

It would be our pleasure to introduce your family to Rashi. To schedule your personalized visit and learn more about the school, please complete an inquiry form.
A Rashi education is an investment in your child's future.  Research has shown that the learning environment and the quality of teaching children receive during their elementary school years up through early adolescence are critical factors for long-term development and overall success.  At Rashi, experienced faculty guide their students and help them develop a strong sense of personal identity, the confidence to try new things, a commitment to social justice, and values that apply to every area of their lives.

Explore Our Accessibility Options

We are committed to making the cost of Rashi accessible to families with a wide range of financial profiles. As you explore which of our multiple accessibility options is right for your family, the Rashi team is available to guide you.

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  • 2020-2021 Tuition

    Kindergarten: $29,900
    Grade 1:          $32,250
    Grade 2:
    Grade 3:          $35,800
    Grade 4:          $37,000
    Grade 5:          $38,000
    Grade 6:          $40,750
    Grade 7:          $41,950
    Grade 8:          
    Tuition is set annually by Rashi's Board of Directors in January for the upcoming academic year.
  • Additional Fees

    Field Trips & Other Fees
    Grade 6: Nature's Classroom: $510
    Grade 6: Chromebooks: $410
    Grade 7: Washington DC Trip: $1,650
    Grade 8: Israel Trip: $4,600

    Morning Bus Route: $1,720
    Afternoon Bus Route (3:00 PM): $960
    Ride Packets: $155

    2020-2021 transportation fees will be set in the summer.

    School Lunches
    School lunches are purchased on a trimester schedule, as the menu changes every three to four months. Pricing is assessed per day, as parents can elect to register their child on one to four days per week of school lunches. Parents can expect to spend around $7.50 per lunch.

    After School Program
    After School prices vary depending on your child's age and frequency of attendance. Learn more about per semester fees here.

    2020-2021 after school fees will be set in the spring.
  • Ways to Pay Tuition

    Tuition is paid online through a third-party utility called FACTS. The Rashi School offers payment plans and accepts payments from 529 Plans for tuition.
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  • Financial Aid Awards

    The Rashi School offers several tuition accessibility programs: Discover Rashi, Traditional Financial Aid, and a Clergy Incentive. See below for more details.

    Each accessibility program makes an allowance for some portion of membership dues to a temple, havurah, or independent minyan, Jewish summer camp, and fees in the year of B'nei Mitzvah. Please note them on your application.

    Families awarded traditional financial aid through SSS may receive up to 50% in additional aid for after school, transportation, middle school trip fees, and certain other incidentals. Details will be included in your award.

1. Discover Rashi Grant

The Rashi School has just launched a new affordability program for the 2020-2021 school year. For families with an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of less than $500,000, our new Discover Rashi program provides a $10,000 annual grant for two consecutive years to each student who is new to The Rashi School and new to Jewish day school and enrolls for the 2020-2021 school year. 

The 2020-2021 application is open. Please click on the link above or contact Barbara Burnim Day at to get started.

Application Deadline
  • New Families: February 8, 2020

2. Traditional Financial Aid

Rashi offers a traditional need-based financial aid program through School and Student Services (SSS) to all current and prospective students.

The 2020-2021 application is open. Please use our online financial aid application at

If you need assistance with the traditional financial aid application process, please review our step-by-step instructions

Please contact Barbara Burnim Day at with any questions.

Application Deadline
  • New Families: February 8, 2020
  • Returning Families: December 15, 2019

3. Incentives for Clergy

Recognizing the enormous contribution of our clergy to Jewish life in Boston, Rashi extends a professional courtesy of $6,000 per student each year for the duration of the child's time at Rashi.

Please contact Barbara Burnim Day at to apply.

Application Deadline
  • New Families: February 8, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions


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  • How do I know if I am eligible for financial aid?

    The financial aid process looks at many different variables to determine eligibility. The process measures the Total Family Financial Capacity by looking at income (earned and unearned, taxed and untaxed), assets, extraordinary and unusual expenses in addition to many other factors, like the size of your family and the age of parents. The only way to know for certain if you qualify is to apply.
  • Who can apply for financial aid at Rashi?

    Any student enrolled at Rashi or applying for admission to Rashi may apply for financial by completing an application with SSS and submitting the 2018 tax return. Current students are to apply by December 15, 2019.  Financial aid awards will be included with the enrollment contracts in January. Students who have not submitted an application by December 15, 2019 will receive a contract for full tuition. Late applicants run the risk of being placed on a financial aid wait list.
    Prospective students are encouraged to visit the school, complete an application for enrollment and an application with SSS (PFS). Prospective students may learn their tuition obligation prior to an admissions decision.


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Factors Affecting Financial Aid

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  • Does applying for financial aid affect admission?

    No, the financial aid process is separate from the admissions process and only the financial aid applications of admitted students are reviewed by the financial aid committee.
  • Does Rashi consider religious financial contributions when awarding financial aid?

    Our accessibility plans recognize your commitment to a Jewish life. Adjustments will be made to the qualifying criteria for Discover Rashi and Traditional Financial Aid for the cost of synagogue membership (adjustment up to $3000), Jewish day camp ($1000 per student), and bar/bat mitzvah celebrations ($5000).
  • How does financial aid work for separated, divorced, or never-married parents?

    Both custodial and non-custodial parents must apply for financial aid. Applications may be entirely separate or completed jointly. The information is collected to determine the ability, not the willingness, of all parties to financially support the education of their children. The school considers the financial resources of all living parents, step-parents, and domestic partners, and requires the cooperation of all parties before financial aid awards are determined. No financial information will be viewable to another parent online, nor will the school share any financial information submitted by another parent.
    The school is not bound by any disclaimers of financial responsibility or legal arrangements that may bind either parent.
    The school does not act as an intermediary between parents and asks that all parties involved communicate directly with each other regarding the education of their children.
  • Is tuition for children at other schools considered in calculating financial aid?

    Yes. The SSS process determines what tuition parents should pay for all children in tuition-paying schools from pre-K through high school. This amount is called the Expected Family Contribution, or EFC. Parents will be asked to submit support documents demonstrating tuition in other schools. 

    The school will ask parents to pay per student at least 10% tuition or the Expected Family Contribution divided by children in tuition-paying schools.
  • What happens if I miss the deadline for filing my application?

    Late applicants run the risk of being placed on a financial aid wait list. We will consider fully completed applications first.

Paying Tuition

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  • How is tuition paid at Rashi?

    The Rashi School partners with a third-party billing service called FACTS to handle all tuition and education-related charges from the school. Upon enrollment, you will be instructed to create an account with FACTS for the purpose of paying tuition.
  • Does Rashi offer flexible payment plans?

    Rashi offers several flexible payment plans to pay your tuition. These options are interest-free. You will elect your payment option when you sign your enrollment agreement.
  • What are Rashi's flexible payment plan options?

    Payment plans include: 
    • One single payment due July 1
    • Two payments: 60% due July 1, 40% due December 1
    • Nine equal payments: June through February
    • Twelve equal payments: June through May
    Payment schedule and fees:
    • Single and two-payment options: no fee
    • Nine (9) and twelve (12) payment options: $51 per account
    • FACTS charges a 2.85% service fee on each credit card transaction
  • What is a 529 plan?

    529 plans have offered families tax-free earnings, growth, and tax-free withdrawals for college expenses for over 20 years. Families may now withdraw up to $10,000 tax-free from a 529 plan to pay for up to $10,000 per year in K-12 tuition expenses. Massachusetts offers a tax benefit for contributing to a 529 plan. Speak with your accountant or financial advisor to find out how this option can benefit you.
  • Do you accept 529 Plans?

    529 Plan payments are accepted for tuition charges only.