Why Rashi?

Accepting Applications in Select Grades

It would be our pleasure to introduce your family to Rashi. To schedule your personalized visit and learn more about the school, please complete an inquiry form.
A Rashi education lasts a lifetime: Our graduates are equipped with the tools to succeed academically in any setting. They possess core skills, deep self-awareness, the confidence to try new things, and solid Jewish values that serve and guide them for the rest of their lives.

Our students’ strong skills in writing, math, science, and critical thinking are affirmed by every measure: from classroom assessments and standardized test scores to secondary school acceptance rates and achievements in high school and beyond.

Academically motivated, accomplished, and committed to improving their world, Rashi alumni thrive at the most challenging independent, Jewish, and public high schools and beyond. Our outstanding high school placement record is the natural result of the type of students Rashi produces: capable, confident, self-aware learners who take on leadership roles in educational settings and social justice opportunities in their communities.
Rashi Graduates are self-confident, independent learners who know how to achieve academic excellence and how to be part of a team. They take their mission to repair the world very seriously and they are committed to giving back to their communities and being a bridge to people in need.

Joni Fishman,
Dean of Students