Affiliation with the Reform Jewish Movement

Rashi's affiliation with the Reform Movement informs our practice, thought processes and celebrations. We encourage our students to explore and to cultivate their own religiosity through questioning, thinking and re-thinking.
“Reform Judaism is rooted in tradition but committed to change” (A Statement of Principles for Reform Judaism, adopted at the 1999 Pittsburgh Convention, Central Conference of Rabbis, May 1999). As Jews we have an obligation to study the texts and traditions of our people and to observe mitzvot (commandments). Jewish thinking has evolved over the centuries. As a Reform Jewish institution, we continue this process of education, evolution and reform. We enable our children to participate in this time-honored tradition of study and evolution. A Rashi education is infused with the fundamental principles of the Reform Movement:
  • Egalitarianism: Men and women have equal opportunity to study and to observe all aspects of Jewish life.
  • Informed choice: Individuals, families, and communities make informed choices with regard to their Jewish beliefs and practices.
  • Emphasis on Social Justice: Our curriculum emphasizes human rights for all people. Through the study and practice of tzedek (justice), we teach our students to look for ways they can individually and collectively work to repair brokenness in the world.
  • The State of Israel and the Hebrew language play an important role in our lives as Jewish Americans.