List of 15 news stories.

  • Rashi Online: Living Our Values

    While classrooms and whiteboards may have changed to  laptops and living rooms, some parts of Rashi will never change. We continue to maintain a learning community that models our shared core values and ensures that everyone feels connected and cared for. 
  • Celebrating the Joy of Reading

    Rashi’s library was full of joy, concentration, and quiet reading voices this past Monday, when over 20 grandparents spent the morning reading books with our Kindergarten through Grade 2 students in celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday.
  • Making Animal Advocacy Personal

    Nathan K is a Grade 5 student this year. He nominated one of this year’s Tamchui organizations, Four Paws
  • Repairing Pottery as a Model for Repairing Relationships

    Middle schoolers, in response to and as a reflection of the Elohai Netzor prayer, created these unique pottery pieces.
  • Building Relationships Across Generations

    There are many things that make Rashi special, but one in particular is the multigenerational program with its neighbor, Hebrew Senior Life, NewBridge on the Charles. With its close proximity, Rashi students have opportunities to visit the residents at NewBridge throughout the year by simply walking across the street. 
  • First Grade: What Makes a Family a Family?

    What makes a family a family? This was the essential question that launched our Grade 1 Family Unit. While we agreed that we are all part of a family, we also agreed that families can be similar and different, and that's a wonderful thing! As we started recording their ideas, students realized that there are so many ways to describe what makes a family a family.
  • Students take Center Stage during LED Talks

    The LED Talks (Language Engineering and Design) are part of an innovative, integrated unit that our Grade 6 team has tackled this year for the first time.
  • 2019 Generations Day

    More than 300 grandparents and special friends gathered at Rashi on Friday, October 25 to share an afternoon highlighted by a luncheon, meaningful classroom visits with students, and joyful Kabbalat Shabbat services.
  • New Rituals for Children During the High Holy Days

    Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the perfect times to establish family traditions. At The Rashi School, we challenge our kindergarten through eighth grade students to imagine how they can commemorate these holidays in a way that is distinctive to their families.
  • Teaching Climate Change in Middle School: Leading Expert Shares Insights at Rashi

    As the fifth-period bell rang, middle school students settled into their seats while teachers and staff enveloped the back of the crowded room. Everyone waited attentively for the speaker, David Miller, PhD, to begin his presentation. The topic: climate change.
  • This NewBridge Resident is Thankful for her Neighbors at Rashi

    Shirley Scott, a resident at the Gloria Adelson Field Health Care Center, had considered the Rashi students her next-door neighbors for over two years. 
  • Real-World Math Lessons for Middle Schoolers

    Middle school math teacher, Mo Gibbs, teamed up with Rashi's Controller, Paula Markman, to bring real-life scenarios to their studies of percentages and compound interest. 
  • These Moments Made This Family Learning Program So Beautiful

    As a parent of a student at The Rashi School, you will be invited to learn along with your children throughout the year.
  • Music to Our Ears

    This year, the third- and fourth-grade choir worked hard on their singing, their choral skills, blending their voices in beautiful harmony while listening to each other, playing many different instruments, dancing together, choreographing their dances, and more.
  • Words from Bud: What's Next for The Rashi School?

    As I near the end of my tenure, I want to share with you some of the ways that I am truly excited about Rashi’s future.