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  • More Jewish day schools adjust to in-person learning in age of COVID

    When Jewish independent schools started the new academic year, students had to quickly absorb new protocols in response to COVID-19. Whether it’s wearing masks or physically distancing, they’ve been quick learners.
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  • Our Voices Matter: Voting and the Election

    The act of voting couldn’t be more in line with Rashi’s values. This year, a series of lessons engaged Rashi students in discussions on civic duty, democracy, and voting, in anticipation of the election this coming Tuesday, November 3.
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  • Responding to Systemic Violence and Racism Through Art

    We are part of the Boston community and the global community. In each of these circles, as educators, learners, Jews, and those seeking Justice, we grieve at the violence that Black people and POC have faced and continue to face in the United States.
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  • Rashi Statement on Supporting the Black Community

    Adam W. Fischer
    The following message was sent to Rashi families on June 1, 2020.
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  • Rashi Runs a 'Virtual' 5K

    Training for and running a virtual 5K as a community could help keep us all active, keep us all connected and perhaps offer an opportunity for some of us to try something that we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try if all was normal. 
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  • Rashi Graduation 2020

    Rashi celebrated the graduation of our Grade 8 students, welcoming them into the Rashi alumni family. A little rain, clouds, thunderstorms, and social distancing did not stop graduation from being a day to remember for our graduates and their families.
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  • Generation to Generation

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our students asked a question that is core to their Rashi student experience: “Who in our kehillah (community) needs support and what can we do to have a meaningful impact?”
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  • Learning About the Past, Empowering Students for the Future

    The interdisciplinary Rashi curriculum is structured to help students make connections between subjects, events, and themselves. Learning is experiential. One integral unit combines reading, writing, and creativity focusing on upstander and bystander behavior, particularly the Holocaust.
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  • Rashi Alumni Leading the Way in the Midst of COVID-19

    From our founding, The Rashi School has instilled the values of social justice into our students from their first days of Kindergarten. There is no greater pride for us than to see our alumni carrying on these values.
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  • Rashi Online: Living Our Values

    While classrooms and whiteboards may have changed to  laptops and living rooms, some parts of Rashi will never change. We continue to maintain a learning community that models our shared core values and ensures that everyone feels connected and cared for. 
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  • Celebrating the Joy of Reading

    Rashi’s library was full of joy, concentration, and quiet reading voices this past Monday, when over 20 grandparents spent the morning reading books with our Kindergarten through Grade 2 students in celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday.
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  • Making Animal Advocacy Personal

    Nathan K is a Grade 5 student this year. He nominated one of this year’s Tamchui organizations, Four Paws
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  • Repairing Pottery as a Model for Repairing Relationships

    Middle schoolers, in response to and as a reflection of the Elohai Netzor prayer, created these unique pottery pieces.
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  • Building Relationships Across Generations

    There are many things that make Rashi special, but one in particular is the multigenerational program with its neighbor, Hebrew Senior Life, NewBridge on the Charles. With its close proximity, Rashi students have opportunities to visit the residents at NewBridge throughout the year by simply walking across the street. 
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  • First Grade: What Makes a Family a Family?

    Stephanie Rotsky
    What makes a family a family? This was the essential question that launched our Grade 1 Family Unit. While we agreed that we are all part of a family, we also agreed that families can be similar and different, and that's a wonderful thing! As we started recording their ideas, students realized that there are so many ways to describe what makes a family a family.
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