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  • A Tikkun Alum Inspires

    On Friday, Rashi was fortunate to virtually welcome Tikkun Alum Recipient Alexandra Katz (Tikkun Alum Recipient ’13, Rashi Alum ’03). The Tikkun Alum Award was created in 2012 to celebrate Rashi alumni who demonstrate a strong commitment to social justice and tikkun olam (repairing the world) in their lives beyond Rashi. Through personal and professional efforts, Tikkun Alums embody the values of social justice that were instilled in them as Rashi students.
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  • Prizmah Podcasts: Gender, Class and Young Jewish Women

    How do we support girls in the transition from middle school to high school? Joni Fishman, Middle School dean of students at The Rashi School in Dedham, Massachusetts, speaks with researcher Cheryl Weiner about Rosh Chodesh groups, SEL, and ways that girls think of themselves and their overlapping identities as they enter the cusp of adulthood.
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  • Building Change-makers In and Out of the Classroom: Rashi Science Teacher Deb Berlin

    An interview with Rashi Middle School science teacher Deb Berlin on what's most challenging about her role, what she loves about Middle School students, and how she works to build empathy in her students.
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  • Kindergartners learn about Jewish traditions in special COVID-19-safe Passover

    At the Rashi School in Dedham, a few dozen kindergartners celebrated the Jewish holiday of Passover.“ Passover is the retelling of the Jewish people's exodus from enslavement in Egypt,” said lead kindergarten teacher Rachel Liptz. It's their first time as a kindergarten community. Last year was much different. “Last year at this time we were at home with our families being thrust into teaching online virtually which was challenging,” Liptz said. The children on Thursday hosted a COVID-19-friendly Seder on the grounds outside of their school.
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  • Multigenerational Learning: Creating Community Together

    At Rashi, our NewBridge neighbors are people who have distinctive needs as they age, and our students learn to understand these needs and connect with seniors in ways that enhance their quality of life. And it has always been about something deeper. Early in their Rashi careers, our students see the residents and all aging elders as assets to our community, people with knowledge, skills, capacity, and capability to enrich their learning and their ability to problem solve.
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  • Honoring Passover One Cereal Box at a Time

    If you had walked down the halls of The Rashi School this past week, you would have seen giant bins full of Passover temptations: cereal, oatmeal, crackers. Why? One of the customs associated with Passover is to search for, collect, and either destroy or donate chametz, foods that are not eaten during Passover which typically include leavened bread or any food that contains wheat, rye, barley, oats or spelt, to individuals in need.
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  • Harlem Renaissance Resonates in Grade 7

    Combining hands-on learning, individual exploration, and a celebration of Black History Month, Grade 7 students did a deep exploration on a figure from the Harlem Renaissance, including Langston Hughes, W.E DeBois, and Josephine Baker.
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  • Sharon Miller, Kindergarten Teacher Extraordinaire

    The following is a short interview with Sharon Miller, a longtime Rashi kindergarten teacher. Sharon sat down with Rashi’s communication manager to discuss what this year’s been like, why she loves kindergarten, and why we shouldn’t just think of kindergarteners as cute.
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  • Celebrate! It’s Purim

    Purim, celebrated this past Thursday night and Friday at The Rashi School, was a day of joy and celebration, and because it’s Rashi, had excellent learning and community building mixed in. Read on for how we celebrated.
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  • Amanda Gorman: Tzedakah Hero

    Our Social Justice team introduced our Grade 2 students to Amanda Gorman this past week as a ‘Tzedakah Hero,’ a person in their own way working to piece back together broken parts of the world. Each week the Social Justice Team highlights an “ordinary” individual and the “extra-ordinary” work that they are doing to respond to some specific problem/challenge in our world. Students learn that a Tzedakah Hero is someone who notices a problem or challenge and then steps up and says “I think I can do something to help make it better.”
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  • What Does Fitness and Health Look Like This Year?

    Happy laughs, sprinting feet, cold breezes. For Jen Shaw, Fitness and Health teacher, this year looks a little different. Her office has shifted from inside and the gym to the entire Rashi campus, outside in the fields, basketball court, trails, and play equipment. She shares, “This year I’ve been surprised by how much of the Rashi campus I haven’t used before for class. I’m looking forward to continuing using it for years to come.”
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  • Patterns All Around Us

    Patterns are all around us! Our Kindergarteners have been working on developing patterning skills in the world around them, in clothes, numbers, colors, sounds, shapes and more. Identifying, creating, continuing, and discussing patterns help Rashi Kindergarteners build their foundation to become strong mathematicians.
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  • Rashi Reads Letter

    A letter to the community for the first ever Rashi Reads, as the whole school reads Let's Talk About Race by Julius Lester.
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  • Advisory, Your Middle School Home

    Every day, small groups of Grade 6, 7, and 8 students meet with their advisory. It’s a non-academic time set aside to check-in, develop relationships, address any necessary information, ask deep questions, and have fun together.
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  • What’s It Like to Be a History Teacher While Living It?

    The Rashi School’s Zach Albert shares how he’s talking to kids as they live through history.
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