Considering How to Apply for Help with Tuition?

We have an exciting new financial accessibility option:­ Open Door.
Open Door offers your family the opportunity to easily determine your per student tuition based on your adjusted gross income and number of children attending a tuition-based Jewish school. If you like the results from this process, there is no need to complete the longer application for traditional financial aid. We invite you to learn more about eligibility and how the plan works.

Traditional Financial Aid works for many families to determine their tuition costs for all children in schools that charge tuition.

Whether this is your first application or your ninth, we encourage you to get started. Please go to to begin your application for the 2019-2020 school year. Getting started is the key to a smooth process. The deadline to submit your application is February 8. The deadline to upload your 2017 and 2018 taxes is February 25.

Both programs:

Each accessibility program makes an allowance for some portion of membership dues to a temple, havurah, or independent minyan, Jewish summer camp, and fees in the year of B'nei Mitzvah. Please note them on your application.

Families awarded traditional financial aid through SSS or the Open Door tuition option may receive up to 50% in additional aid for after school, transportation, middle school trip fees, and certain other incidentals. Details will be included in your award.

As you proceed through the process of applying for Open Door or Traditional Financial Aid, you may hear from any one of the following people about your application.
Paula Markman, Controller | 781-355-7305

Paula works on the validation of documents for your traditional financial aid application for SSS. She will be in touch if there is something about your data that requires additional documentation or understanding.
Adrienne Freedman, Business Office Associate | 781-355-7306

Adrienne sets up your physical file, makes copies of documents as needed and sends various emails with additional information and reminders.
Diane Tan, Project Coordinator | 781-355-7307

Diane works on the validation of documents for Open Door. She will be in touch if there is something about your data that requires additional documentation or understanding.
Barbara Ross, Director of Finance and Operations | 781-355-7301

Barbara is responsible for tuition accessibility at Rashi. She works with the financial aid team to prepare your application for consideration.

We hope that you will find this process comfortable. We strive to handle your application with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity so that we may arrive at an equitable solution for your tuition assistance needs.
With kind regards,
The Financial Aid Team
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