Students Seek Out Multigen Connections

See how Rashi students are continuing to build multigen connections at NewBridge on the Charles outside of school hours. 
By Lynda Doctoroff Bussgang
Manager of The Adam and Matan Adelson Multigenerational Program for Hebrew SeniorLife

When clusters and classrooms of students come to NewBridge on the Charles for school-sponsored multigenerational programming with residents, youthful laughter and energy reverberates throughout the hallways. Residents regularly share their delight in our partnership with Rashi, whether engaging in substantive conversations, hallway encounters, or simply enjoying an opportunity to watch “child play” in action. Now more and more, individual Rashi students are exploring opportunities to make a quiet yet sustained impact in their neighboring senior community by initiating visits on their own, outside of school hours.

Each week, Rashi students walk across the street to bring their own passions and interests to life. Some examples include student b’nei mitzvah projects, like Adam R. (Grade 6) who has been sharing his exquisite piano skills through a series of concerts performed for the Assisted Living Memory Support community, and Abby K. (Grade 6) who brings vibrancy to the Assisted Living dining room as she engages residents in conversation during an otherwise routine lunch. Also preparing for a bar mitzvah, Josh R. (Grade 6) meets weekly with an Independent Living resident who is working tirelessly to keep pace with the changing technological world. And for two years, Hannah F. (Grade 7) has provided an outlet for a 27-year career English teacher to enjoy reading with a child. Even Rashi alumni return to NewBridge to work with residents and fulfill high school community service requirements, like Josh Kornbleuth (‘15), who assists in the Health Center. 

With arguably one of the most innovative, in-depth multigenerational partnerships in the country, Rashi has yet another reason to sing the praises of its incredible students and the gifts they are able to provide – right across Great Meadow Way.