Darcey Angelo, School Psychologist

Optimism, flexibility, persistence, empathy, and resilience are words that Rashi School psychologist, Darcey Angelo, uses with passion as she describes the foundation of Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset Theory, which drives her work in Rashi classrooms.
New to Rashi this year, Darcey brings experience in both independent and public schools. Most recently, she was the school counselor and learning specialist at the Key School in Palo Alto, CA. Darcey will expand upon Rashi’s existing Social Thinking curriculum by working with students to adopt a  Growth Mindset.
By introducing the vocabulary of Growth Mindset in the classrooms, Darcey will provide language for faculty to use in the classroom and for parents to bring into their homes. “The key is to help students focus on growth,” she explains. “If a student were to take a math test and score 100% on it, an appropriate response might be: ‘Wow, that test must have been really easy for you. Let’s find something that will really challenge you.’ It’s important for kids to feel good about being challenged; it helps them feel good about themselves.” Darcey weaves her lessons into what students are learning across other curricular areas. “I want to honor what’s going on in the classroom and respond to issues as they come up - capitalize on things that they’re already talking about.” For her, social/emotional learning isn’t a stand-alone concept: “The only way that it will be successful is if we’re integrating the ideas through the curriculum.”
At each grade level essential questions will be explored that promote self-awareness and coping strategies for dealing with stress, peer pressure, conflict, flexible thinking and decision-making, as well as having a greater understanding of and appreciation for others. For example:

Kindergarten: What does it mean to be a friend? How do we share interests and differences?
Grade 1: How do I maintain friendships? What can I learn from my mistakes?
Grade 2: What makes a good friend? How do actions influence relationships?
Grade 3: How do we help others? What does respect look like? What does it mean to be kind?
Grade 4:  Why is it important to know that people learn differently? What does it mean to learn? ​
Grade 5:  Who am I? Who do I want to be? What am I projecting?
A Westwood native, Darcey attended Dedham Country Day School and Noble and Greenough school. Undergraduate studies brought her to Boulder, Colorado, where she lived for quite some time before moving to Palo Alto, California and eventually moving back to Boston to be closer to extended family. In her free time, Darcey enjoys running, horseback riding, and spending time with her husband and seven year-old daughter.
Aside from classroom lessons, Darcey serves as a resource for students and parents. She has an open door policy and looks forward to partnering with parents in the best interest of their children.