Rashi Hosts Professional Development for Preschool Professionals

For over 20 years, Rashi has organized an annual workshop to show appreciation for our strong relationships with local preschools.
On Wednesday evening, Rashi Admissions hosted 150 early education professionals from 40 Boston area preschools for a lecture and discussion about gender identity and expression in the early education classroom. For over 20 years, Rashi has organized this annual workshop to show appreciation for our strong relationships with local preschools.

When we invite preschool educators into our building to explore a topic that is meaningful to them, we acknowledge the commonalities between the topics that they are grappling with in their school communities and the similar questions Rashi educators are asking about their K-8 classrooms. As our guests see Rashi as a community resource for them, they build a deeper appreciation for our school. This connection leads to stronger collaboration when preschool educators recommend students for Rashi and help their graduates make a positive transition to Rashi’s kindergarten.
This year’s workshop presenter was Mason Dunn, who also gave a presentation to our middle school students last month. As the executive director of the Mass Trans Political Coalition, Mason is engaging Rashi middle school students around building a student community that embraces people with a diverse range of identities, labels, and beliefs. Mason speaks about a vision for an inclusive community that is deeply relevant for children across all phases of development.
Mallory, in her opening to the early educator workshop, framed the following questions: “as educators, what expectations do we have about how our children will express their genders? What role does gender play as we educate our students to be their fullest selves?”
Our guests left the session with increased awareness to bring to their classrooms and a community of peer professional learners with whom to continue the conversation. They also left with an invitation to come back to Rashi during the school day for tours that are specifically geared towards preschool educators. If you’d like to invite a preschool educator you know to one of these tours, please let Adrien know at akhelemsky@rashi.org.