Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts
A Rashi education is an investment in your child's future. Our students develop a strong sense of personal identity and responsibility, with the confidence to try new things, a commitment to social justice, and values that apply to every area of their lives. 

Rashi is committed to making that education accessible to families and to having an economically diverse student population. To that end, there are several affordability programs available to assist families in paying for Rashi. Although families may only participate in one of these programs at a time, we encourage you to apply for more than one and select the one that offers the most assistance. All financial aid and tuition incentive programs are grants and do not need to be paid back. The financial aid process is separate from the admissions process: the school only reviews the financial aid applications of admitted students.

Tuition Affordability Incentives

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  • Discover Day School from CJP and Sibling Match Program

    Applications Become Available: January 5, 2018
    For families new to Jewish day school.
    Eligible families may qualify for up to $6,000 per year for three years.
    The Rashi School will match a qualifying Discover Day School award for the second or third child enrolled at Rashi within the first three years of the first child.
    Click here to find out if you qualify and to apply.
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  • Discover Rashi Programs

    Rashi offers two Discover programs for families new to Rashi that award $6,000 per student, per year, for up to three years.

    The Discover programs are grants based on a simple application supported by a tax return. New families are welcome to apply for traditional financial aid and a Discover program to see which offers the best result. The award will be offered from one program, not a combination of programs.

    A. Families new to Rashi and Jewish Day School with incomes between $100,000 and $299,000 may apply to Discover Day School offered by CJP. Applications become available January 5.

    B. Families new to Rashi with incomes between $100,000 and $400,000 may qualify for the enhanced Discover Rashi program. This grant is supported by our generous donors. Applications become available January 15.

  • Rashi's Professional Courtesy Tuition Discount for Clergy

    $6,000 grant per child per year for families with a parent who is clergy.

    The Rashi community is enriched by the active engagement of the Boston area’s vibrant Jewish clergy community. Recognizing the enormous contribution of our clergy to Jewish life in Boston, Rashi extends a professional courtesy of $6,000/child/year for the duration of the child’s time at Rashi. There are two conditions that need to be met to qualify for this program:

    • One parent must be an ordained rabbi or cantor in any Jewish movement.
    • That parent must be working as his/her primary source of income in a professional capacity in the Jewish community for a non-profit organization. The professional courtesy tuition discount is not based on need and none of the financial documentation traditionally associated with tuition assistance is required.
    Clergy families are welcome to apply for both Rashi’s Financial Aid Program and the Professional Courtesy Tuition Discount for Clergy and to select the program that is best for them. Families may not participate simultaneously in more than one program.

Rashi's Traditional Financial Aid Program

Application Deadline: February 9, 2018
Rashi is committed to making a Jewish education accessible to all admitted students and to having an economically diverse student population. To that end, financial aid awards are determined on the basis of demonstrated financial need and capacity to pay. Last year, Rashi awarded more than $2M in tuition-based financial aid to about 30% of the student enrollment. Another $104,000 in financial aid was awarded for class trips, transportation, and the after school program.

Step-by-step Instructions

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  • Learn More About Financial Aid

    The funding for financial aid grants comes directly from the school’s budget, funds raised by the Development Office, and individual gifts and grants designated specifically for financial aid. When granting financial aid, the school considers the impact on enrollment, the balance and diversity of the classes as well as the financial sustainability of the school.

    Financial aid awards are determined on the basis of demonstrated financial need and capacity to pay assessed tuition. A family's financial capacity is determined by looking at many factors, including, but not limited to:
    • Incomes of both parents (earned and unearned, taxable and non-taxable*)
    • Assets held by the family
    • Number of dependents
    • Number of children attending tuition-charging schools
    • Age of both parents
    * Some sources of non-taxable income include support of friends, family, or household members as well as child support.

    Financial aid is reviewed annually and families must submit a new application each year. Renewal of financial aid is not automatic.

Tuition for 2018-2019

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  • Tuition

    Kindergarten: $29,000
    Grade 1:          $30,000
    Grade 2:
    Grade 3:          $33,000
    Grade 4:          $34,000
    Grade 5:          $35,000
    Grade 6:          $38,000
    Grade 7:          $39,000
    Grade 8:          

    Tuition is set annually by Rashi's Board of Directors in January for the upcoming academic year.
  • Additional Fees

    Field Trips & Other Fees
    Grade 6: Nature's Classroom: $495
    Grade 6: Chromebooks: $410
    Grade 7: Washington DC Trip: $1,250
    Grade 7: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Fee: $175
    Grade 8: Israel Trip: $4,220

    Mechina Hebrew Tutoring Program
    Students entering Grades 3 or higher (except those with grade-level Hebrew proficiency): $1,800 per family

    Transportation will be priced in the spring.

    After School Program
    After School will be priced in the spring.