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    All-Day Event

    Boys Basketball: Grade 5

    Boys Basketball: Grade 5 vs The Meadowbrook School

    Girls Basketball: Grade 5

    Girls Basketball: Grade 5 vs The Meadowbrook School

    Sharing our Vision

    Beit Midrash
  6. 2

    Read Across America Day

    All-Day Event

    Lower School Kabbalat Shabbat

    Families are welcome.
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  3. 6
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    Grade 3 Play: Fables


    Parent/Teacher Conferences

  5. 8
  6. 9

    All School Kabbalat Shabbat

    Families are welcome.
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  1. 11

    Israeli Dance Festival

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Grade 8 Departs for Israel

    Beit Midrash
  2. 12

    Adventure Camp

    Chadar Ochel

    No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences

    All-Day Event
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  4. 15
  5. 16

    Lower School Kabbalat Shabbat

    Families are welcome.
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    Rosh Chodesh Nisan

    All-Day Event
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    Haggadah Workshop

    Beit Midrash
  4. 21

    Tamchui Final Assembly

  5. 22

    Yachads Annual Networking Event: Rashi Linked

    3 Squares Restaurant
  6. 23

    Lower School Kabbalat Shabbat

    Families are welcome.
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    Grade 8 Returns from Israel

    All-Day Event

    Curious Minds: Family Storytime with Mark Binder

    8000 Great Meadow Drive, Dedham, MA 02026
    Join The Rashi School and Keshet for a morning of creative storytelling and interactive art activities for families with young children. Get ready for Passover with stories that celebrate family with Mark Binder, a storyteller who travels the world transmitting the joy of storytelling with laughter and heart. A snack will be provided. Geared for families with kids under 10.

    This program is made possible through a grant from PJ Library, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, and PJ Library Alliance partners.
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    No Classes for Grade 8

    All-Day Event
  3. 27

    Grade 2 Family Education: The Power of Blessings

    Chadar Ochel
    The Morning Blessings - Nissim B'chol Yom, sometimes referred to as "The Miracles of the Day" provide an opportunity for us as Jews to reflect on and express gratitude daily for the many gifts that are present in our lives.

    Please join us as we explore the role of BLESSINGS in our lives as we consider what it is like to receive a blessing, say a blessing, give a blessing, write a blessing and be a blessing to others

    You can look forward to...
    • listening to your child chant the Morning Blessings from the siddur,
    • working with your child to write a blessing for your family in the style and spirit of the Birkat Kohanim - the Priestly Blessing and bringing home your child’s Blessing Book,
    • and having him/her share his/her personal creative interpretations for each of these Morning Blessings
    Get Ready To Be Inspired!
    The Second Grade Team, Stephanie, and Rabbi Smith

    p.s. Due to the content of this family program where every child is creating a personal family blessing, we hope that every child will have a family member who can attend. Please RSVP to your child’s teacher if you are unable to attend. *Also we ask that younger siblings not attend the program to ensure that parents and their children have the most meaningful engaging learning experience together.

    Grade 5 Science Fair

    Chadar Ochel
    Contact: Anne Glanz
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