Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts

Grade 4 Family Education

Chadar Ochel
As Jews, we are commanded to give tzedakah to others throughout our lives. Are there better ways than others to give and receive tzedakah?  How can knowing and using Maimonides’ ladder/structure of giving and receiving tzedakah inform and inspire the way we help others in the future? Finally, why create a structure in the first place for giving and receiving tzedakah?
Please join us for this Family Education Program on Tuesday, February 7 from 8:15 – 9:15 in the chadar ochel where we will creatively examine these questions together.
RSVP to the 4th grade teachers if you are unable to attend so we can ensure that each student is working with an adult partner.
Looking forward to learning with you that morning!
The Fourth Grade Team and Stephanie