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Ouko Community Initiatives

Website | Grade Levels 2-8 will learn about this organization

Mission: provides education, nutrition, technology and teacher training programs to enhance learning and opportunity. Improves infrastructure so there are places to learn, and promotes literacy and language skills to encourage collaboration, problem solving and creativity within the community to foster economic self-sufficiency and sustainability.
  • Co-founded by Susan Ouko Mwaura and Rashi parent, Allison Gordon and her husband, Ned, and their three children, Gussie, Izzy and Zachary.
  • Provides Education and Digital Technology Programs through providing E-readers and teacher training
  • Provides Teacher Training that brings American teachers and volunteers to teach in the classrooms, train and coach teachers and collaborate with them and provide forums for feedback and active learning.
  • Provides meals to over 600 children and their teachers who otherwise may not eat during the school day.
  • Helped establish The Dr. Robert Ouko Primary School in 2013.
  • Opened the Dr. Robert Ouko Memorial Community Library and technology center in 2014 to increase literacy and promote a culture of reading and learning.