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Krembo Wings

Website | Grade Levels 5-8 will learn about this organization

Mission: to provide integrative, inclusive, and accessible social activities for children with disabilities – children who otherwise would not have such an opportunity.
  • Krembo Wings is the only inclusive youth movement in Israel for children and youth with and without disabilities, providing weekly social activities for young people with all types of mental and physical disabilities together with their able-bodied peers.
  • There are more than 55 branches of Krembo Wings, serving over 5,000 children and youth with and without disabilities. Children served are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Druze and other religions, and there are branches in towns behind the Green Line.
  • Each Krembo Wings branch costs approximately $72,000. After income from participation fees and support by local municipalities, each branch must raise an additional $55,000. Each donation towards a Krembo Wings’ branch will be matched by the Ministry of Welfare, doubling our donation.