Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts

Read Remarks from Danna and Carole Greenberg

Good afternoon. My name is Carole Greenberg and this is my daughter Danna and we would like to welcome all of you to Generations Day.  

As a family, we joined the Rashi community when our boys were entering the third and fifth grade.  Fast forward five years and these two boys are now in eighth and tenth grade and our daughter is in college. Today you will have an opportunity to see for yourself how special The Rashi School is. Rashi’s core values: Limud –Learning, Tzedek-Justice, Kehillah-Community, Kavod-Respect, and Ruach Elohim –Divine Spirit are lived every day: in the classroom, in student government, on the soccer field, when they lose and occasionally win, and as the children go out into the community to places like NewBridge, the Epiphany School, and Family Table. However, what you may not be able to grasp is how these core values carry forward after graduation and that is the story we want to share with you.
Let’s begin with Kehillah. Rashi graduates know the value and importance of a strong community.While my 10th grader and his friends have scattered to diverse high schools, their close relationships provide them with the support they need to take on new challenges and new social worlds. It was no surprise that last night, between homework and practice Jonah and his friends organized a quick birthday celebration for a fellow Rashi alumni --complete with an obligatory photo montage. The Rashi community also remains strong as our children transition to college. When our daughter arrived at college this fall, a Rashi graduate welcomed her in, introducing her to Hillel, and helped her connect. Rashi alumni know the power of community.

Limud. In a world where too many teens are focused on the performance of grades and not the passion of learning, Rashid graduates have already been set on the right course. Design day, Jewish studies, and quiz bowl are just some of the many ways that Rashi teaches thejoy of discovery, the thrill of a good debate, and the resilience to move forward from mistakes. Next week, six Rashid graduates will gather at our house for their monthly Torah study session, an hour and half text study that is rich in discussion. It is the highlight of the month for many of these teens. Rashi alumniare passionate learners.

Tzedek. Social action projects, interactions with the Lenny Zakim Fund, and Purim Tamchui are just some of the ways Rashi students learn that tzedek is central to who they want to be in this world. It is no surprise that Rashid graduates can be found leading social justice projects through the Diller Teen Leadership Program, driving community organizing around mental health, and actively engaged in supporting and writing about the Women of the Wall.  

The Rashi graduates I know are living proof that the connection to Rashi and its core values lasts a lifetime. With critical minds and compassionate hearts, our Rashi graduates are committed and prepared to make a difference in this world.

To that end, we hope you will join us in making The Rashi School a philanthropic priority for your family. As is the case with most independent schools and colleges, Rashi’s Annual Campaign enables the school to bridge the gap between tuition income and the school’s actual expenses.

In order to sustain the exceptional faculty, curriculum, tuition assistance programs and co-curricular opportunities for our children, Rashi needs our help. Following Generations Day, you will all receive a letter with an opportunity to send a special “L’Dor v’Dor (Generation to Generation)” certificate to a child when you make a gift of any amount to the Rashi Annual Campaign in their honor. 

Thank you for helping us secure the future of this extraordinary place. There isn’t a more meaningful or powerful investment, for today and for tomorrow, than an investment in Rashi, for our children, for our children’s children, and for our world.

Todah Rabah and thank you for joining us today!