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Celebrating Chanukah with Our Neighbors at NewBridge

Rashi students regularly interact with residents at NewBridge on the Charles, including celebrating holidays.
A few sixth graders reflect on their memories of spending time with our neighbors at NewBridge and the impact of our multigenerational programming. These reflections were shared with the Boston Globe for a spread on how local organizations celebrate Chanukah. One of our students was published along with photos of fifth graders working on their Maccabee projects in art class.

“I feel like it is important to spend Jewish holidays with our elders. I learned so much from the residents about their Jewish experiences and I hope they learned something from me too. Celebrating together brings our Jewish community together regardless of our age.”
- Jesse B. Grade 6
“One of my favorite parts of Hanukkah is spending time at Newbridge. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, it just matters that we come together as a community. I love hearing the residents’ stories of how they celebrated our holiday.”
- Mabel C. Grade 6
"Celebrating Hanukkah with the residents of Newbridge is special for the seniors and for me. The residents get to share the holiday with people surrounding them, which is especially nice for those who don’t have family nearby or who don’t have family at all. I like it because I get to know their stories and learn what Hanukah was like for them when they were younger.”
- Scott B. Grade 6
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