Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts

Adam Beckman, Class of 2008 | 2015 Tikkun Alum Award Recipient

"Rashi helped me set high goals."
Adam graduated in 2016 from Yale College as a major in Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology and a Global Health Fellow. He is committed to improving access to high quality healthcare for underserved populations. He has previously served as the Director of Programs for Water Ecuador, an NGO aiming to improve access to clean water in impoverished communities.

He was a Student Director of the Global Health Justice Partnership at Yale Law School and School of Public Health, where he led efforts to study access to medications for hepatitis C among state prisoners in the United States. He also worked with the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation at Yale New Haven Hospital, where he researched national disparities in heart attack prevention and clinical care in the US and China, and he studied viruses in the Hafler Laboratory. Adam previously co-founded Yale's Student Partnerships for Global Health and researched HIV in coastal Ecuador.

"The study habits I learned at Rashi have helped me greatly since my time there. For certain, the values that Rashi instills from such a young age stay with you. Everything I learned incorporated Jewish core values; the legacy of my eight years at religious school is a Jewish identity defined by how I treat others.

"Rashi doesn't just create good students; it creates good people. The people I know who have graduated from Rashi are more aware of the world around them than your average high school kid. I still see a group of about 7 Rashi friends every few weekends. We'll go out for dinner or hang out downtown. These are still some of my closest friends.

"Of my closest friends from Rashi, one volunteers with Dr. Paul Farmer at Partners in Health, another teaches health education classes in low-resource U.S. schools, and the third is in Cape Town, South Africa doing legislative human rights work this summer. Finding them all involved in such work is not a coincidence. Rashi excels at giving young people the springboard they need to seek out problems in our world and take concrete steps to solve them.

"Rashi helped me set high goals. Being in such a small community, those around me helped me realize my abilities. Rashi made me confident, and this confidence has enabled me to aim high in everything I do."

Adam lives in Washington D.C. and works for Aledade, an organization advancing high-quality, coordinated healthcare in the US.
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