Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts

Adam Beckman, Class of 2008 | 2015 Tikkun Alum Award Recipient

"Rashi taught a form of Judaism that was tied with social justice work."
Adam received the Tikkun Alum Award in 2015 while completing his bachelor's in molecular biology and global health. 
He worked with the Yale Global Health Justice Partnership, a collaboration between Yale’s public health and law schools, and the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, a national outcomes research center at Yale New Haven Hospital. He studied inequalities in health care delivery, including leading research about access to hepatitis C medications in prisons and income disparities in heart attack prevention. 
Adam also served as the program director for Water Ecuador, an NGO working to expand clean water access. Previously he co-founded Yale's Student Partnerships for Global Health, a student group supporting partner organizations in Ecuador and Nicaragua with research and advocacy.
After graduating in 2016, Adam worked for Aledade, a start-up advancing high-quality, coordinated health care in the United States. He is now a medical student at Harvard Medical School. 
"Our school taught a form of Judaism that was tied with social justice work. My friends from Rashi continue their advocacy and service today. One defends the legal rights of immigrant families, another teaches health literacy classes in schools, another works with Partners in Health to strengthen health systems. Finding them involved in this work is not a coincidence. " – Adam Beckman, Rashi Class of 2008
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