Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts

Ethan Stone, Class of 1999

“Rashi set me on a path to become who I am today."
And what an adventure path it has been. Ethan is a federal police officer assigned to protect both American diplomatic missions abroad and foreign diplomats living or visiting the United States. In addition, he is responsible for conducting investigations for certain types of crimes. His title is "Special Agent" and is so called because he is granted certain special authorities as an agent of the US Government.

Ethan has lived and worked in India and Burundi. He in currently living in Washington, DC and travels frequently for work throughout the world.

"My line of work requires sometimes constant high-stakes decision making and it's clear the preparation for my journey began at Rashi," says Ethan. "It was within Rashi's vibrant community, surrounded by Jewish values that I began shaping my life and deciding what mattered to me while honing my ability to always ask the right questions of the right people at the right time. In today's increasingly complex world, it's so important that we are grounded both in the world and in our relations to one another. It's no accident that despite all our global movements, many of my Rashi class members still keep in touch today. That in itself is a testament to how much our time at Rashi shaped our lives."
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