During Tamchui Donation Week, students were invited to respond to a mural prompt that asked what Tamchui taught them this year. Here are their responses:

Tamchui taught me this year...
Not everyone is as lucky as me
Everyone has a chance
A small amount of people can make a difference
We can help
I don't have to choose what other people choose
Anybody who wants to can help
The world is not always perfect, but there are things we can do to change that.
Everyone can do something
People should help
It is always your decision
Everyone is equal
Giving Tzedakah is great
I can make a difference in everyone's life
One person can help the world
All people don't have the same rights and deserve them
Giving is good
Sometimes it's good to be nice
We need to help people
A lot of people want to help other people
Giving money to those in need can make a difference
That poor people (in medieval times) could donate to the Tamchui
Everyone can/should make a difference
Different organizations help different people and you can learn about these organizations
Everyone deserves a hug
It is nice and respectful
I can change the world
Just because you're a child doesn't mean you can't make a difference in the world
Everything counts
You can change the world by doing the smallest act of kindness
I can do whatever I want to do (donate to whomever I want) and that people should not make decisions for me
There are people out there that need my help
Tamchui is teaching me to donate more
Grown ups and kids all over the world are in need of food, money, homes and stuff like that
It feels good to be nice to people