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A Thank You Note from Mickey Cockrell of Catie's Closet

One of the factors considered when choosing an organization for the Rashi Purim Tamchui project is the impact that a donation from our fund might have. For the kids in Boston who benefit from having free, new clothes to wear when they need it, Rashi's work with Catie's Closet meant a world of difference. Below is a thank you note from Catie's Closet's Executive Director, Mickey Cockrell.
Dear Stephanie,
There are not enough words to say thank you for supporting Catie's Closet during Tamchui last year. I wanted to send you an update on just how impactful you and The Rashi School have been for us and our students. Your donation of $3,032.27 and clothing was a gift that kept on giving. When we met last year at the school we were learning so much and beginning to scale fast. What I learned from you and your team was truly inspirational to me. The candid exchange with your students ignited a light that burned brightly throughout the year. It touched how we approached people, social media, our expansion conversations and of course how we interface with donors and supporters. Your very, very special community is embedded in my mind and my heart every day.
Our students benefitted so much from the clothing donations. I wish I could translate their expressions of joy and thanks. When they were told that fellow students shared their clothing with them, there were tears. I am happy to report that we have begun to receive impact results and our first schools are reporting a 30% to 50% improvement in attendance. Teachers are telling us that bullying and behavioral concerns have dropped significantly. Our kids are more focused and getting better grades. It is what we strive to do and I want you to know that your investment is paying off significantly. 
I realize that many charities are in need, and truly appreciate your choice to support Catie's Closet. I want to spread the word about what you do and in doing so continue to acknowledge all your gifts. I hope you know how much you mean to me. I realize my thanks was displayed in email, notes, social media... but what I really wanted to do was send you this note. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
On behalf of our students and all of us at Catie's Closet, thank you so much!
Mickey Cockrell, Executive Director 
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