Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts

The Impact of Tamchui

Jamie D., First Grade Parent
This letter to our Social Justice Coordinator from the parent of a first grader speaks volumes of the impact of the Rashi Purim Tamchui project.

Hi Stephanie,
The social justice work you do at Rashi always makes an impact on Yael. She comes home talking about new things she is learning all the time. However, this year's Tamchui has changed her.
For about a year, Yael has been saving her money for an American Girl Doll. We were trying to teach Yael a lesson about saving money and taking pride in things you earn. However, it was Yael that has taught us a lesson. On Monday, Yael came home and told us all about Tamchui and the organizations she was learning about. Yael said, "I know I really wanted an American Girl Doll, but I think there are more important ways to spend my money right now. I want to donate half my money to Tamchui."
Last night, we emptied her piggy bank and counted her money. While counting, Yael asked why she is learning about Tamchui in school. I explained that while helping people and being charitable is a Jewish value, we hope that it's a value that all people have because that's how you make the world better. Yael then said, "I am so proud of myself for doing this and I am so proud to be a Jew!" 
This morning, Yael woke up so happy because she was going to bring you her donation. On the ride over, she said she has never felt so good and she can't wait to save more money to help more people. 
Stephanie, thank you! You have inspired so many children in your career. This week you inspired my six-year-old, and she has inspired all of us.
Toda Raba (thank you very much),