Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts

Rebecca Rosenbloom, Rashi 2011

My passion and interest for giving back to others started at a young age.
My passion and interest for giving back to others started at a young age at The Rashi School. Rashi is a Reform Jewish day school that has a unique program that takes place annually called Tamchui. Tamchui is a two-week long, school-wide philanthropy educational program that engages students in meaningful social justice and learning. The program is designed to introduce students to five non-profit organizations annually that are chosen by a committee of educators. The organizations vary in their population group and mission, ranging from poverty, hunger, illness, the environment, racism, homelessness, animal rights, and much more. During the two-week, school-wide philanthropy project, students learn about each of the chosen non-profit organizations and then have the opportunity to allocate money according to who they feel is the neediest and most worthy of the five organizations. I always remember how excited I would get to learn about the organizations and how empowered I felt contributing to decision making about the allocation of resources that we collected.

Being exposed to this program from such an early age ingrained in me the mindset of asking myself what I can do for others and how I can make a difference in repairing the world. Giving back to others became not only a passion of mine but also a value. Tamchui laid the foundation for me about the non-profit world, how to understand my own values and how to recognize myself as an agent of change. It certainly helped shaped my hopes of becoming a social worker, which is what I am currently studying to become.