Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts

Mitzvah Makers: Visit 2

Jessica Gulman, Grade 1 Assistant Teacher
Rashi's Mitzvah Makers went to NewBridge for their second visit of the year. This month's theme: Thanksgiving.
Our hearts are full from our fabulous visit to NewBridge this past Thursday! Our theme this month was Thanksgiving, with a focus on gratitude, and every single person was smiling from start to finish. We spent time catching up with the residents, sang Thanksgiving songs, and shared Thanksgiving themed jokes and riddles. Then, we relaxed and played cards games like "Go Fish," and "War," which are Mitzvah Maker and resident favorites alike!

The main event was creating a "Thanksgiving/Gratitude Tree," in which Mitzvah Makers and residents wrote and illustrated paper leaves to decorate a large paper tree. Each child and resident thoughtfully wrote about things and people they are thankful for, while we watched our tree fill up!