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Second Grade Design Challenge: Building a Water Slide

Katie Bernstein, Grade 2 Associate Teacher
Using their knowledge of the properties of water from science class, second graders were challenged to build a water slide from a few commonplace materials.
Rashi's second graders have been learning about the properties of water and for this design challenge, they used their knowledge on the topic. Using half of a paper towel roll, some tin foil, wax paper, plastic wrap, masking tape, straws and pipe cleaners, they were asked to create a waterslide for a small bear (Ted E. Bear) to go down.

Placed in groups of three, the students were given the following constraints:
  1. The water slide had to be open - not a tube.
  2. There needed to be a ladder for the bear to climb.
  3. The water slide could not leak.
  4. Ted E. Bear needed to slide, not drop into the water.
Working together, students designed some interesting solutions to this challenge. "We are so proud of how they worked together and created such amazing products," exclaimed Katie Bernstein, Grade 2 Associate Teacher.