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Traditional Financial Aid Application Process

Financial Aid Timeline

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  • Fall 2018

    Make necessary arrangements to ensure a copy of your 2018 tax return can be submitted by the February 26, 2019 deadline.

    Begin Parents Financial Statement available on SSS's website.
  • February 8, 2019

    Submit your completed Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) electronically to SSS.

    For new Financial Aid applicants: Submit your 2017 tax returns and schedule electronically to SSS.
  • February 11 - March 8, 2019

    Rashi reviews completed Financial Aid applications for admitted and returning students.
  • February 25, 2018 - Submission Date

    Submit your final 2018 tax return and tax schedules electronically to SSS.

    * Late or incomplete applications may be placed on a financial aid wait list.
  • March 11 - March 29, 2019

    Rashi communicates Financial Aid awards to returning students.
  • March 8, 2019

    Rashi communicates Financial Aid awards in admissions acceptance packages for admitted students.

Tips for filling out the PFS

Use the comments fields to provide supplementary information.

After each section, there is an opportunity to include additional information about items in the section. At the end of the application, you may include any additional details or comments that you feel are important for Rashi to know in consideration of your application.

Enter Jewish Expenses.

SSS outlines the definition of what can and cannot be included in unusual expenses. However, Rashi also takes into consideration a portion of the cost of Jewish living, including a portion of the cost of Jewish summer camp, synagogue dues, and other Jewish activities. List these in questions 14F (annual costs of clubs) and 14H (annual cost of camps and lessons) on the applications. Be sure to note the name of the camp or synagogue and the amount paid to each.

Getting Help with your PFS

Online: The SSS website provides excellent support for families through every step of the application process under the APPLY tab and under the LEARN tab.

By Phone: SSS customer service for the family portal is available Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM EST.

By Email: You may also send SSS a message through the family portal.

Frequently Asked Questions


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  • How do I know if I am eligible for financial aid?

    The financial aid process looks at many different variables to determine eligibility. The process measures the Total Family Financial Capacity by looking at income (earned and unearned, taxed and untaxed), assets, extraordinary and unusual expenses in addition to many other factors, like the size of your family and the age of parents. The only way to know for certain if you qualify is to apply.
  • Who can apply for financial aid at Rashi?

    Any student enrolled at Rashi or applying for admission to Rashi may apply.

The Award

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Factors Affecting Financial Aid

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  • Does applying for financial aid affect admission?

    No, the financial aid process is separate from the admissions process and only the financial aid applications of admitted students are reviewed by the financial aid committee.
  • Does Rashi consider religious financial contributions when awarding financial aid?

    All of our accessibility plans recognize your commitment to a Jewish life. Adjustments will be made to the qualifying criteria for Discover Rashi, Open Door and Traditional Financial Aid for the cost of synagogue membership (adjustment up to $3000), Jewish day camp ($1000 per student), and bar/bat mitzvah celebrations ($5000).
  • How does financial aid work for separated, divorced, or never-married parents?

    Both custodial and non-custodial parents must apply for financial aid. Applications may be entirely separate or completed jointly. The information is collected to determine the ability, not the willingness, of all parties to financially support the education of their children. The school considers the financial resources of all living parents, step-parents, and domestic partners, and
    requires the cooperation of all parties before financial aid awards are determined. No financial information will be viewable to another parent online, nor will the school share any financial information submitted by another parent.

    The school is not bound by any disclaimers of financial responsibility or legal arrangements that may bind either parent.

    The school does not act as an intermediary between parents and asks that all parties involved communicate directly with each other regarding the education of their children.
  • Is tuition for children at other schools considered in calculating financial aid?

    Yes. The school considers tuition commitments with other institutions from preschool through high school.
  • What happens if I don’t get my taxes in by deadline?

    A tax return is part of a fully complete application which is due February 8, 2019. Late applicants run the risk of being placed on a financial aid wait list. We will consider fully completed applications first.
  • What happens if I miss the deadline for filing my application?

    Late applicants run the risk of being placed on a financial aid wait list. We will consider fully completed applications first.
  • What happens if I put my tax return on an extension?

    If you file an application for extension of your filing, you will need to provide the extension application to the school along with W-2s and 1099s and a draft of your return. Depending on the completeness of the tax return, the school may make a provisional award. You will be required to provide the final filed tax return by October 31, 2019. There may be a revision to your award as a result.

Questions about Rashi's Financial Aid Program?

Contact Barbara Ross, Director of Finance and Operations at or 781-355-7301.

Please note that we do not evaluate financial aid prior to submission of an application for admission.