I love the lunch program: the food's yummy, my kids love it, it's at a great price point, and I don't have to pack my kids' lunches.
At The Rashi School, we focus on nourishing the whole child - not just their minds, but their bodies as well. Rashi offers hot lunch service to students on Mondays through Thursdays. A partnership between the school and our Parent/Teacher Organization, Yachad, hot lunches are delivered from your family's favorite restaurants in the Boston area. Past lunch providers have included Needham House of Pizza, Anna's Taqueria, Comella's, A Perfect Taste Catering, Papa Gino's and Rox Diner.

School lunches are balanced to ensure that each student gets the nutritional balance that a growing child requires. Lunches include animal and plant-based proteins, lots of fruits and veggies, and, of course, a sweet treat. We ensure that offerings free of common food allergens are available to students with food allergies and sensitivities. All lunches are nut-free and gluten-free options are available. All food is kosher-style and all meat served is kosher.

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