Our art curriculum combines the rich hands-on experience of creating artwork and the essential skill of developing knowledge and awareness of the creative process. From kindergarten through eighth grade, students use a wide range of art materials, and they engage in frequent discussions of artwork, both their own and that of famous artists. Through this thoughtful, deep approach, students are engaged, inspired, and challenged to create their own works of art.

Reflecting the Massachusetts curriculum standards and stages of artistic development, the art curriculum grows and changes with each successive grade. Students begin with a tactile, process-oriented approach and progress toward a more self-reflective way of creating art, learning about elements of design and engaging in sophisticated visual observation and analysis.
Students think creatively and solve problems as they explore the process and the products of artistic expression.
Rashi students bring a sophisticated knowledge and experience of Jewish customs and spirituality into the art room. Students create works of art to enhance holiday celebrations both at school and in their homes. For example, fifth graders create sculptures of Maccabees from wire, clay, cloth, and other mixed media.
Through interdisciplinary collaborations with classroom teachers, students learn that their background knowledge can inform their experience of creating visual art, and that the visual arts can enhance their learning experience. The For example, third graders use research from their endangered animals project to create an illustrated “Guess Who?” poster of their animal in art class.

Middle School electives give students a choice to explore more specifically focused themes and materials, often drawing on their interests and hobbies. Past electives have included Stop-motion animation, fashion design, “Art From the Hardware Store,” and “Inspired by Wire.”