The Power of Educators

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Head of School, Uncategorized

By Head of School Adam W. Fischer


As we close in on another successful year at Rashi, I relish the opportunity to reflect on the many impactful experiences that have shaped our last nine months, and the many ways these elements, beyond classroom learning and curricula, leave an imprint on our students – and on us as well.


This holistic, deep learning is the hallmark of a Rashi education, guiding students on a journey that extends beyond projects and assignments and fully includes us all. 


Top of mind are the invaluable lessons gained through authentic discussions, interactions between members of our school community, and opportunities for our experiences to influence the direction of one another’s lives. This rich environment fosters a sense of belonging and connection, a two-way street where we all learn from one another.


The adult who meaningfully influences a young person’s life is a nearly universal story. More often than not, this person is an educator. Each day, our faculty and staff help to inspire students, seeding a passion that can be further nurtured and grow at many other stages within their lives, and will always have its roots in their time here at Rashi.


I didn’t always love school. The middle grades, in a big school in a new town, was a low point. However, Dr. P. saw and appreciated me and my abilities, while refusing to let me subsist on them. He believed in me and pushed me to reach a bit further than I believed I could. He pointed the way out of my darkest days. 


There are many such stories and their value is often not immediately apparent. A personally meaningful comment plants the kernel that encourages a reluctant writer into an aspiring author. Or an activity allowing for student interests and exploration ignites a lifelong curiosity about the natural world. Or a simple, well-timed smile that gives a student the mote of confidence they need to take a risk, share an observation, or advocate for themself or another. These simple gestures of invitation can launch a person into young adulthood with a bit more resilience and belief in oneself. And that can make all the difference. 


These butterfly effects flourish here at Rashi, and that is a legacy that I joyfully carry with me. The plans, the expertise, the craft all matter AND the caring relationships that occur between and among the intentional, designed program transform the good to great and the outstanding to life-changing.


My hope is that these many actions that live inside each of us and surface from time to time to nudge us on our way, inspire us to seek and embrace potential and pay forward what others have generously given us. A true community lives in each of us and all of us… forever.