The Rashi Purim Tamchui Project

It feels like the world is becoming more beautiful.
At Rashi, Purim Tamchui is a three-week long school-wide philanthropy project that engages students in meaningful social justice learning and action and helps them recognize themselves as educated and empathetic young philanthropists. Tamchui is an annual tzedakah tradition at Rashi that takes place at Purim, in fulfillment of the mitzvah of giving gifts to the poor.

The Purim Tamchui Project is able to develop young, educated, compassionate philanthropists. Connected to that goal is to expose students each year to the myriad needs of children and their families and how different non-profit organizations and programs are creatively responding and supporting these needs. We are hoping to empower each child - after they have learned about the work of each organization and the children and families who benefit from this support - to reflect on the organizations and then have the hands-on opportunity to decide which of them they are most drawn to and would like to support with their own Tamchui chips. Finally, we want to inspire our students to imagine what kind of tikkun olam work they might do to make the world better.
I get to make a difference as a child.

What is Tamchui?

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  • Weeks One and Two: Education

    Students at all grade levels spend two weeks learning about the work of specific local, national, and international organizations that benefit children. They participate in age-appropriate activities designed to help them learn more about each organization. To further strengthen their understanding of each organization, representatives spend a day at the school. On these visit days, students get one-on-one time with leaders from each of the organizations to bring to life the issues and solutions that they have been studying.
  • Week Three: Allocation

    Families are asked to contribute to the Rashi Purim Tamchui Fund. Each child receives five "chips" (each chip representing a portion of the total collected) and chooses the organization(s) to which to contribute their chips.
  • The Purim Tamchui Tradition

    Since 1995, the Rashi community has contributed almost $169,000 to 95 charitable organizations serving children and families in need locally, nationally, and internationally.

    Read this article from the eJewish Philanthropy about Rashi Purim Tamchui.

Selection Criteria

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  • Child/Teen Initiated

    One interesting twist or challenge is to consider nominating a child/teen initiated program. This is particularly inspiring for Rashi students because it highlights how each person can make a difference (no matter what age!), reinforces what our students learn about tikkun olam throughout the year, and presents a unique type of role model.
  • Grassroots

    An organization chosen for Tamchui should be a certified 501(c)(3)s but also truly grassroots; often, with a unique story of how the organization came to be - e.g. a "tzedakah hero" who noticed a need in the world and took action to make a difference.
  • Impact

    Will the amount of dollars raised make a difference to the specific organization?
  • Tangibility

    Students (especially middle school students) often want to know how the money raised will be used by the organization; the more specific and clear an organization can be, the better.
  • Teachability

    Organizations selected for the youngest students should be age appropriate and build upon their capacity for empathy and awareness; at the same time, we are sensitive about topics that they are not ready to understand. Organizations selected for middle school should promote teaching points that stretch their hearts and minds to consider tzedakah and philanthropy from a higher level.

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