100 Things to Bless Every Day

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Our Stories


This past April, during t’filla (daily prayer), our kindergarten students learned that the rabbis teach us that we should thank G-d and find 100 things to bless EACH DAY.

One of the first t’fillot that the kindergarten students learned were the Morning Blessings – sometimes referred to as the “miracles of the day.” Every Monday, students were invited to individually share a thank you to G-d. It was always inspiring to see so many children eager to speak. As time went on, students expanded their realm of who and what they appreciated. And so, we challenged the kindergarten students during that first week in April if they thought they could come up with 100 things to bless by the end of school. They answered with a resounding yes! That day, during t’filla, they began their list. Each week we added more things to the list. And just last week – with each class sharing one last round of thank you’s – the kindergarten kehillah (community) was able to thank G-d for 103 things! It is quite a list! 

We want to share list for you to share with your friends and family. Think about a special time when you can look at this list together. Maybe on Shabbat or before bedtime or sitting at the beach? Maybe your family will be inspired to continue adding to the list over the summer? Where this list takes you as a family will be interesting to see!

100 Things to Bless Every Day

  1. The Torah
  2. G-d
  3. The world and all of its people
  4. The earth
  5. The Jewish people
  6. We were once slaves and now we are free
  7. No more war
  8. The First Temple
  9. Tamchui Organizations
  10. The Western Wall (Kotel)
  11. Moses
  12. The Rashi School
  13. The Burning Bush
  14. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  15. Love
  16. Food
  17. Freedom
  18. Shabbat
  19. Our home
  20. Our brothers and sisters
  21. All that G-d did for us
  22. Trees so we can breathe
  23. Noah’s ark
  24. The Ner Tamid – the light that never goes out
  25. Our parents
  26. Legos and other toys
  27. Peace
  28. The Ten Commandments
  29. Jewish holidays
  30. Education
  31. Our teachers
  32. The army
  33. Clothing
  34. Israel
  35. Ogunquit, Maine
  36. The Kindergarten team
  37. Ourselves
  38. Our families
  39. Our pets
  40. Doctors
  41. Swimming pools
  42. Dentists
  43. Love and kindness
  44. Our friends
  45. Lifejackets and lifeguards
  46. Money
  47. Having the things we need to make our loved ones happy
  48. Brazil
  49. The tooth fairy
  50. Our grandparents
  51. Playing with our siblings
  52. Playgrounds
  53. Stephanie Rotsky!
  54. The timer
  55. Art
  56. Being healthy
  57. Being able to go to school
  58. Our classmates
  59. Harry Potter
  60. Animals
  61. Dinosaurs
  62. Nature
  63. Yitzhak Rabin
  64. Everything we are given
  65. Rocks
  66. Rick Recht (for writing The Hope)
  67. Connect Four
  68. Summer
  69. Oxygen
  70. TV
  71. Standing on your head
  72. Pizza Thursday
  73. Parties
  74. Learning in different ways
  75. Our teachers
  76. Cars
  77. Computers
  78. Field Day
  79. The Celtics
  80. The Patriots
  81. The Red Sox
  82. Our hearts
  83. Enough food to eat
  84. Musical instruments
  85. Our butterflies (who we raised and freed)
  86. Our souls
  87. The Promethian Board
  88. Disney Movies
  89. iPads
  90. Our songleader, Stephen
  91. Fitness and Health class
  92. Muffins
  93. All of our friends!
  94. Snacktime
  95. Star Wars
  96. Summer vacation
  97. Legos
  98. Dirt
  99. Bathtime
  100. Hatching chicks