Our After School Programs are fun and child-centered. Whether the space is virtual or on our 162-acre campus with 3 playgrounds, 3 sports fields, the Charles River, and nature trails, Rashi students love being at After School and don’t want to leave! After School offers opportunities for organic learning and exploration in developmentally appropriate settings. You might see a class doing ‘Tree Pose’ or a middle schooler helping a younger student with a math problem in the library.

The After School program is offered for all grades, Kindergarten through Grade 8. Here’s a preview of our program.

To learn more about the After School Program, take a look at a typical year’s offerings.

Core Program

Rashi’s After School program is for students in grades K-8 and is offered Monday through Thursday, whether we are in the building or online.

Creative Works and Organized Sports & Games
Creative Works is a free-choice environment where students transition from the structure of the school day to a creative space where they can unwind. Every day features a mini lesson focusing on timely subjects. Students can relax and explore their own interests or be part of a group activity.

Organized Sports and Games create a positive atmosphere for enhancing confidence, team building, and sportsmanship. We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities each day depending on the season.

Study Hall
Study Hall gives students a supportive, supervised environment in which to do homework, work in groups, or complete long-term assignments. Students in grades 3-8 are expected to attend Study Hall before heading to other activities unless they are registered for an elective. After homework is done, students are welcome to join Creative Works or Organized Sports & Games.

Homework Club

For students who would like extra help with specific homework assignments, Rashi’s learning specialists offer Homework Club on certain days of the week.

We offer a rotating selection of enriching After School electives like Lego robotics, Puddlestompers, and music lessons through Dedham School of Music to name a few. These change based on student interests: if a group of students is very excited about science, Venus will work to create a program for them. Additionally, Lower and Middle School Drama is offered from 3:15 – 5:20 PM.

Adventure Camp
Whether there is virtual or in-persons instruction, Adventure Camp is offered to students in grades K-3 during parent/teacher conferences.

Early Morning Care
When we are in our building, students of all grades are welcome to spend supervised time in the gym before school begins as early as 7:30 AM.

Venus Corriveau
Director of Afterschool Programs
781-355-7328 | 617-877-3621

Elementary school students do homework during after school