A Rashi education is the most important investment you can make in your child’s future.

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You may be thinking, “we aren’t the right fit for financial aid” or “I think I make too much to qualify.” The fact is, your family may be eligible for assistance through our Traditional Financial Aid process or Clergy Incentive. Rashi Director of Finance & Operations Barbara Burnim Day would be pleased to speak with you about affordability options.

It is during the Kindergarten through Grade 8 years that children develop the foundational academic preparation, critical thinking skills, social-emotional intelligence, intrinsic values, and relationship with Judaism that will determine their success not only in their next schools but as individuals and members of society. Choosing Rashi now means a lifetime of benefits.

Financial Aid Options

The Rashi School has one of the most generous financial aid programs in the country. Cost of living, temple membership, Jewish summer camp, and family expenses during the b’nei mitzvah year are just a few of the factors that are taken into consideration when calculating your aid package.

Jewish Communal Professional Grant

The Jewish Communal Professional Grant provides an annual $6,000 per student to a family where one or both parents are full-time, 12-month employee(s) of a 501(c)(3) organization that supports the Jewish community. Eligible parents must complete a short form accompanied by a letter from their employer verifying their current status of employment.

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Realize Rashi Program for New Kindergarten,
Grade 1 and Grade 2 Students

Realize Rashi is a three year grant for new families applying a child(ren) to Kindergarten, Grade 1, or Grade 2 for the 2022-23 school year who do not receive traditional financial aid or other incentives. Realize Rashi is available to families whose Adjusted Gross Income is less than $600,000 with net assets under $500,000*.

Per student, this grant provides $10,000 for year one, $8,000 for year two, and $6,000 for year three, applied to tuition. The Realize Rashi grant is available to 18 students from families who are brand new to Rashi. *$500,000 in assets not including retirement savings and primary residence.

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Traditional Financial Aid

Rashi offers a traditional need-based financial aid program through School and Student Services (SSS), a third-party service. Families awarded Traditional Financial Aid may receive up to 50% in additional aid for After School, transportation, Middle School trip fees, and certain other incidentals. Details will be included in your award.

The application for 2022-2023 is open now. Please use our online financial aid application at If you need assistance with the traditional financial aid application process, please review our step-by-step instructions. Please contact Barbara Burnim Day with any questions.

Application Deadline

New Families: Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Returning Families: Friday, December 2, 2022

Clergy Incentive Program

Recognizing the enormous contribution of our clergy to Jewish life in Boston, Rashi extends a professional courtesy of $6,000 per student each year for the duration of the child’s time at Rashi. Please contact Barbara Burnim Day for more information.

Application Deadline

New Families: Tuesday, January 31, 2023

2022-2023 Tuition

Tuition is set annually by Rashi’s Board of Trustees in January for the upcoming year. Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year is as follows:

Kindergarten – $31,500
Grade 1 – $33,650
Grade 2 – $35,545
Grade 3 – $37,895
Grade 4 – $40,470
Grade 5 – $41,445
Grade 6 – $42,895
Grade 7 – $43,895
Grade 8 – $44,500

Additional fees for Middle School:
Grade 6: $475 for a Chromebook

Trip fees are estimated

The traditional trips for Middle School are as follows:

  • Grade 6: Nature’s Classroom – $550
  • Grade 7: Civil Rights Trip to the South – $1,500
  • Grade 8: Israel Trip – $5,750

Ways to Pay Tuition

Rashi will use Veracross Student Billing, a third-party application, to collect 2021-2022 tuition payments. All tuition and incidental charges are processed with electronic auto-payments. We offer payment plans and also accept payment from 529 Plans.

Payment Plan Options

  • One single payment due July 1
  • Two payments: 60% due July 1, 40% due December 1
  • Nine equal payments: June 1 through February 1 (requires a $50 fee per student)
  • Ten equal payments: June 1 through March 1 (requires a $50 fee per student)
  • There are service fees of 2.85%-3.00% on credit card transactions.

For More Information Visit Our FAQ Page

2022-2023 Transportation Fees

One way Transportation: $2,140
Round Trip Transportation: $3,780

After School Payment Plan Options

After School prices vary depending on your child’s age and frequency of attendance.