Critical Minds, Compassionate Hearts
Rashi’s kindergarten through eighth grade students are academically motivated and committed to improving their world. They are capable, confident, self-aware learners who take on leadership roles in educational settings and social justice opportunities in their communities. At The Rashi School, we're always inspiring more.
In these new and unprecedented times, Rashi remains strong, with our Kehillah (community) at our core.

As Passover begins, a new meaning to an ancient story - The Boston Globe

With Uminer unable to host a large gathering because of the coronavirus pandemic, it'll be just him, his wife, and their children. As Jewish families and religious leaders across the world celebrate the holiday that started Wednesday evening, many are finding their traditions upended in ways both painful and somewhat lovely.

'It is something I will never forget': 177 people attend a Needham boy's virtual bar mitzvah - The Boston Globe

At the beginning of March, 13-year-old Sam Kaplan and his family watched as events everywhere were canceled because of the coronavirus crisis. Sam, a student at The Rashi School in Dedham, had planned to have his bar mitzvah at Temple Aliyah in Needham on March 28.