KOL-LAB: RASHI’S innovation LAB

What is the Kol-lab?

The Kol-lab is a space that provides students with tools, instruction, and opportunities to design, experiment, build, and invent as they engage in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics). Students problem solve, and develop skills, talents, critical thinking, and mental rigor, all promoting the value of the making experience.

Students use the learning done in the Kol-lab to broaden the way they approach new topics and challenges. It expands the possibilities of what they can create and gives them the confidence to be innovative risk-takers when faced with challenges or opportunities outside of the Kol-lab.

What Does “Kol-lab” Mean?

The name “Kol-lab” has multiple meanings. When said aloud, we hear the beginning of the word collaborate. In any STEAM Lab, collaboration is at the forefront of all making. We use the skills and strengths of our community to make changes and improve. In the Kol-lab students work together, not in competition, to take their creativity as far as it can go. However, there’s more to the name than just collaboration. In the Kol-lab we know that all voices matter and that every voice has something to contribute. In Hebrew, the word כֹּל, pronounced kol, means all or every, and the word קוֹל, also pronounced kol, means voice. Our space captures all voices.