Each child learns differently. Rather than expecting students to conform to a classroom norm, our teachers know their students and meet them where they are academically.

Supporting Students in Kindergarten – Grade 4

In grades K-4, students are supported within the classroom through differentiated instruction and skill based scaffolding.  Classrooms have the teaching capacity to provide small group instruction, as needed, to address a variety of learning profiles. A literacy specialist and math specialist, assigned to grades K-4, provide weekly consultation to teachers, work within the classrooms, and support students in small groups who require additional specialized instruction to access and or enhance the curriculum. 

Supporting Students in Grade 5-8

In grades 5-8, the team of educators continue to provide instruction that develops language and literacy skills, learning and study skills, and builds self-efficacy. Academic support focuses on strengthening executive functions which lead to academic proficiency.  Students learn effective strategies for materials management, time management, and language management. The learning specialist provides consultation with the classroom teachers, an organizational skills class for entering sixth graders, and small group instruction and individual support in grades seven and eight.  In grades 5-8, the math specialist works collaboratively with the classroom teachers to provide instruction tailored to support and enhance the curriculum.

Beth Brown
Director of Learning Support | PK-1 Coordinator

Hanna Crosby
Literacy Specialist

Emily Ferestein
LS Learning Specialist

Fallon Katz
Mathematics Specialist

Marc St. Laurent
MS Learning Specialist