In The Rashi School Library, the “People of the Book” celebrate the power of tales and legends to stretch hearts and minds. Our beautiful library offers thousands of resources and materials and is available to our entire school community. It has 10,000 volumes as well as periodicals and a wide variety of electronic resources accessible through an online database and pre-selected websites.

Our curriculum

K-Grade 2

The library program for grades K-2, in close collaboration with the work in the classroom, supports beginning reading, listening, communication, and technology skills. Activities include story times, read aloud sessions, literacy events related to school-based literacy goals, beginning investigations, and guidance for book selection. Students learn how to locate and borrow materials and how to select books for personal interests as well as for assignments and reading growth. Current and classic authors and illustrators are introduced in an effort to present the rich body of multicultural children’s literature. In second grade, students begin to apply models for beginning research projects planned in collaboration with the librarian and classroom teachers, specialists, and staff.

Grades 3-5

In grades 3-5, the library program expands opportunities for independent reading of quality fiction and nonfiction. Students continue to be exposed to award-winning authors and illustrators, including award-winning Jewish fiction and nonfiction. The librarian works collaboratively with classroom teachers to support instructional goals for reading, writing and thinking in the content areas. Using a formal research process, students become familiar with reference and nonfiction print resources, as well as various electronic resources. Students learn to locate, evaluate, synthesize, and apply information while being cognizant of the ethical use of resources (citation practices, etc.). In growing confidence and realizing success in their library experience, students will develop into competent, lifelong learners.

Grades 6-8

Information skills are integrated in the Middle School curriculum through research projects using a formal research process. The librarian works collaboratively with classroom teachers to guide students in research, writing, and presentation before an audience using a variety of multimedia formats. Middle schoolers research topics in the library from multiple perspectives, both in groups and individually. Young adult literature is emphasized through book talks, displays, author studies, and independent reading assignments in various genres. The goal of the middle school library program is to cultivate information skills to prepare students to meet expectations for research assignments in high school and beyond.

Julie Koven 
Librarian/Technology Integration Specialist