Student Voices

Our graduates share their Rashi experience

I believe it takes courage to persevere through something that is hard, but also, to not be afraid to ask for help. I will take these lessons and other lessons I’ve learned to high school.


– Milo B.

I will be able to show my personality without fear because of the accepting environment I grew up in.


– Harper R.

Kabbalat Shabbat taught me my love for being in a community and Tamchui taught me the importance of helping others.


Allison F.

Some takeaways from my Rashi experience are to: fight for a cause you believe in, and do work that matters. Always know the community has your back, how to lead, how to follow, and the importance of reaching out and engaging new people.


– Ezra K.

During my time here, Rashi has given me the tools to succeed, not only academically but personally, as I’m getting ready to head off to high school.


– Jadon S.

Like Frost’s image of the strong oak tree which wasn’t afraid to bow to the change in seasons, knowing that its new leaves would return, I too am ready to bow to this season, excited for my future seasons to come.


– Danielle R.

Rashi has allowed me to thoroughly explore who I am as a student, friend, Jew, musician, and athlete.


– Alexis F.

Standing here today as a Rashi graduate, thinking back to the shy 5th grader I was, I’ve grown so much and I am now as confident and as proud as ever.


– Sophie R.

When I first came to Rashi, and saw Rashi’s five core values of respect, community, spirit, justice and learning, I didn’t know the true meaning of them. But now, having gone to Rashi for 9 years, I feel as though the five core values have been put into my identity and who I am today.


– Noah S.

Rashi has had a great impact on my life: the classes and the theater program at Rashi have been like a home to me. This has opened up my passion for the stage, tech, costuming, acting, and so much more.


– Alana Z.

Thank you to those who have helped me hone my writing and presentation skills


– Zohar R.

Whether it’s a memoir on Russian Jewish immigration or difficult science classes on DNA, I knew that Rashi would always challenge my way of thinking.


– Ethan

I hope every student who walks out of Rashi today from my grade walks out with the strength and empathy I’ve seen in all of you today and throughout the years before.


– Elif Z.

This year in many subjects that I had previously struggled with, I now feel much more confident, and subsequently…am ready to tackle high school.


– Hannah S.

We also need to retain the things we have learned other than the academics; being able to gain the courage to stand in front of the class when we can barely work the nerve to talk to the person next to us.


– Mia B.

Through Shaband, I’ve had the opportunity to form even closer friendships with some of my classmates. And as the guitarist in the band, I’ve learned to lead as part of a group, versus in front.


– Ethan B.

Rashi has not only helped me with my academics, they have also inspired me to be a much better person by reminding me of the people who are not so fortunate and don’t have what we have.


– Teddy P.

In my poem I said, “I feel most Jewish when I am at Rashi.” I said this because Rashi is a…Jewish community, we can relate to each other in a way that is special and unique.


– Ben M.

Thank you to all of my teachers, thank you to mom and dad, and especially thank you to my grandpa, who passed on in the summer of 2019. You have all stood by me and helped shaped me


– Asher R.

The Sam that walked in the doors on Day One is not the Sam standing in front of you today.


– Sam K.