Eye See You

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Learning, Our Stories

Grade 1 is in the midst of a science unit all about light: light waves, types of light, sources of light, colors of light, and this week–light’s role in eyesight and as a mode of communication!

Grade 1 students and their teachers, Corey, Emily and Mrs. Lubarsky, explored vision and how the eye works.

Students thought about the question: “What do people who are blind see?” They looked at a partner’s eye, drew what they saw. Students were encouraged to be specific: what color did you see? What shapes? Outer parts? Inner parts? 

Then, Grade 1 scientists created their own eye models using cornea lenses. 

With their eye models, students explored how the pupil, cornea lens, and retina work together to create the images that are sent to our brain. 

Hands-on lessons like these exemplify what is special about a Rashi education: students ask great questions, and explore ideas in ways that are approachable and applicable to real-life, learning scientific concepts and building skills along the way!