Faculty Spotlight – Josh Horowicz, Athletic Director

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Community, Our Stories

In your 17 years of working here, what are some things that are new at Rashi and what are some things that are the same?

While our physical presence has gone through some drastic changes, the true essence of what makes Rashi so special has remained constant throughout the years. When I first started working at Rashi, the school was located in Newton Corner and we were still years away from moving to our permanent home in Dedham. We didn’t have any of our own athletic facilities (save for the infamous “cafenasium”) which obviously made my job a bit more challenging. We had to find places to rent for practice and had to play all our games at our opponents’ schools. I spent a lot of time on buses back then. We were working to establish our athletic programs so everything was new and uncertain. Those early years were challenging but what really sticks out in my memory is how supportive everyone was. Whether it was stepping up to coach a team, traveling countless miles to watch the kids play or simply offering advice on how to navigate through the rhythms and culture of a new school, it felt like everyone within our rented walls was on one team working toward a common goal. Seventeen years later and that feeling has never wavered. I am lucky to have worked with so many extremely dedicated and selfless people who care so much about teaching children. Some have been here for all of my 17 years, and some have joined along the way, but the cohesiveness has remained the same.


When you think of Rashi Alumni, what words or thoughts come to mind?

Enduring bond. The greatest thing about working here is that you get to witness kids grow from Kindergarten through Grade 8. You get to watch them grow up and help guide them through all the challenges of becoming a young adult. The process can be challenging, enlightening and sometimes downright hilarious. There are more than a few alumni out there who asked me some really bizarre questions during Grade 5 growth ed! The bonds you form with your students don’t go away when they graduate. When I see our alumni now it’s like running into an old friend. You want to know everything they’ve been up to and feel a sense of pride as they tell you about high school or college or even their first jobs. And our alumni usually have some really cool stories to tell. Rashi graduates are kind, caring and involved. It’s an honor to be part of the process.

What are some of your favorite things about being the Athletic Director at Rashi?

I’m a bit of a sports nut so working as an athletic director has been a great match for me. Playing team sports was such an essential part of my childhood and development. Many important lessons, good and bad, were learned through being part of a team. I don’t play much anymore but I’m blessed to have the chance to help shepherd our students through the same experiences I had as a kid. Playing a sport as a kid can be thrilling and a little scary. Results are visible and immediate. The ups and downs can be dizzying. I really enjoy helping our students manage it all.