Think Math

Lower School students learn mathematics through the Think Math! curriculum. Think Math! develops conceptual understanding, builds skill fluency, and connects problem solving with reasoning skills. Students explore mathematical ideas, develop and test conjectures, and explain and justify their thinking in studying number systems, operations, geometry, measurement, statistics, probability and algebra.

The curriculum concentrates on central themes and develops mathematical habits of mind. Concepts and skills in elementary arithmetic through algebra are developed slowly and systematically to build students’ knowledge and understanding. Lessons have multiple layers of depth to keep students engaged by providing support, practice and extension.

Skill fluency is embedded in instruction and practice along with conceptual understanding. Fun, puzzle-like presentations of material enable students to practice content in an uncommon way. Every lesson begins with a headline story: an open-ended situation that encourages students to think out loud and problem solve possible solutions. Headline stories encourage students to use mathematical language when describing their strategies and apply mathematical concepts to real-world situations. In their daily work, students move through stages of exploration, guided instruction, practice, and extension.