Magical Moments

by | Jun 12, 2012 | Our Stories

By Glenda Speyer, Upper School Head

I know we all have some magical moments in our classrooms on any given day.

Yesterday morning was one of them! The entire middle school filled the beautiful sunlit third floor atrium in order to hear, and then vote for potential officers for the 2012-2013 Rashi Student Government. Though dressed for fun and filled with spirit, they listened respectfully to each other. I was so moved by the moment… it so exemplified all of our core values – ruach, kehillah, kavod, limud and tzedek (in what some of the candidates offered) – that I wrote this poem.

Picture this

Monday morning 8:15

This beautiful atrium is filled

With students decked in colors

Painted faces.

Colored hair

Spirit of every color abounds.

That is not all

At a table

Potential leaders

Hopeful leaders

Enthusiastic leaders

Of Student Government for 2012-2013

Present their case

All listen intently

Not a sound

Polite, poised and effective

What a wonderful moment!