Brainy Second Graders Learn About Brains

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Our Stories

By Talia and Will, Grade 2


Talia and Will, second grade bloggers explain why they are wearing brains on their heads.

Do you remember making a brain in our class? How did we do that?

We took pipe cleaners and twirled them together and we made dendrites. We started with the word, “water” and then we each had a chance to add an idea and our clump of pipe cleaner dendrites to the brain. It went on and on.

Yesterday we all wore our brains on the outside of our heads.

How did we manage that?

Talia: We used paper and we colored the parts of the brain. Then we cut them out and Mrs. Sisenwine put them together for us to wear like a hat. I got to wear mine with a crown, because it was my birthday.

Will: We made a right side and a left side of our brain and learned what each side does.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the people??

Will: Happy February vacation.

Talia: Have a good vacation.

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