The mission of The Rashi School is to provide a dynamic, child-centered program of academic excellence that integrates rich secular and Jewish studies curricula and nurtures in its students’ critical minds and compassionate hearts.
As an independent Reform Jewish school, our values are infused in everything that happens at Rashi, from how we greet each other in the morning to how our curriculum connects Jewish and secular learning. Rashi students develop a strong sense of personal identity and responsibility with the confidence to try new things, a commitment to social justice, and values that apply to every area of their lives.

Our focus is not only on the students we’re teaching now, but on the adults they will become.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the heart of our Judaism education. The five core values of The Rashi School are stenciled onto the walls of every classroom in the building. These words serve as constant reminders of the roots of our school and are central to everything we do.

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  • Limud – Learning

    Our goal is for each child to love learning as a lifetime pursuit and to be motivated to reach their highest potential. Our faculty is charged with helping students understand that learning involves taking risks, making mistakes, and having the resilience and curiosity to persevere. We encourage Rashi students to think and reason in the process of making informed decisions and to develop the skills that are integral to the major academic disciplines. We offer a strong general studies curriculum interwoven with Jewish studies, Hebrew language, and the values of our tradition.
  • Tzedek – Justice

    The Rashi community embodies the concepts of Tzedek (justice), Tzedakah (righteous acts) and Tikkun Olam (repair of our world), by providing many opportunities for students to explore, study, and do all of the above. Rashi students learn about the situations of Jews in communities around the world and about human rights for all people. They study Torah as text and as a lifelong guide to making decisions and taking action. They develop the tools to carry out the imperative to create a strong and confident future. Learning to see the world through Jewish eyes, Rashi students learn to act with compassion and commitment to make important contributions to humanity. Rashi, the great scholar, taught us, "one reveals his values by what he teaches his children.” That’s why our Jewish school places such heavy importance on instilling social justice values in our children.
  • Kehillah – Community

    Walk into any Rashi classroom and capture the sense of caring and concern for one another that is apparent in hundreds of interactions every day. This environment enables our children to become proud, knowledgeable, and compassionate Jews who are secure in their heritage. Students develop a strong sense of self-worth, love, and respect for people and a feeling of reverence for the natural world. Our community draws together teachers, students, administrators, support staff, parents, grandparents, siblings, families, friends, and others in the community who resonate with and participate in Rashi’s message and mission.
  • Kavod – Respect

    From kindergarten on, Rashi students learn that differences are to be shared and celebrated. Each person deserves to be treated with dignity; each has a responsibility to protect our world. Rashi students learn that kavod is closely linked to our behavior. We demonstrate kavod by developing a healthy self-awareness, learning to advocate for our beliefs, and by taking pride in our work, our words, and our deeds. Kavod is about our relationships with others: listening, respecting other opinions, and learning to disagree without anger. It is about knowing how to offer help without destroying pride and learning how to accept it without shame or anger. Ben Zoma teaches: "Who is worthy of kavod? One who treats others with Kavod.”
  • Ruach Elohim – Divine Spirit

    There is something special and distinctive about Rashi. The curriculum that integrates Jewish and secular subjects, the emphasis on social justice, the interactions between generations, the friendships that are formed, the kind, caring, and genuine way in which people speak with one another - that is Ruach Elohim. The freedom students feel to be themselves, the comfort with creating respectful dialogue over difficult topics, the melodies and prayers that emanate from the school - this is Ruach Elohim. The care the teachers and administration show for each and every student, the expert way adults guide and shape young people, the light that children emanate while walking through the halls - this is Ruach Elohim.

    Ruach Elohim is infused into each classroom, into the curriculum, and into the connections that people make with one another during each day. Just as our ancestor Jacob declared after feeling God's presence, "God is in this place, and I, I did not at first know it."
Our children will graduate prepared not just to thrive in the world but to work to make it even better for all of us.

Rashi Alumni Parent

Non-Discrimination Policy

Except where an exemption or exception applies to The Rashi School as a religious and educational institution, no student, employee, or applicant for employment at The Rashi School will, on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, ancestry or national origin, age, pregnancy, marital status, military status, genetics, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any education program or activity, as required by law. These protections apply to students, employees, and other members of the public. Please contact the Responsible Employee (781-355-7301) for additional information about our compliance with applicable non-discrimination laws.