Above! Next to! Across!

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Learning, Our Stories

In social studies,  Kindergarteners learned directional words and ways of describing places to prepare for learning about mapping.

After listening to Mrs. Findlay read “Gossie” by Olivier Dunrea, the children noted all of the directional words they heard. Then they listened and moved their bodies to the song “We Are Going On a Bear Hunt.” They couldn’t go over the mud, or under the fields…so they had to go through!

In small groups, they embarked on a directional field trip around Rashi with their arrows and used specific language to describe their location. For example, the nurses office is NEXT to the library. The Art Room is ABOVE the Grade 1/2 hallway. The K classroom is BELOW the music room.

The lesson is one example of the way a Rashi Kindergarten education is a multi-sensory experience, blending play, critical thinking and exploration.

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