Educating Kindergarten Through Grade 5

A Rashi education begins by nurturing the natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning in every child. In their formative years, children learn to understand the world around them through observation, exploration, and inquiry.

In the Lower School, elementary school-aged students acquire foundational skills – the building blocks – of learning. As children mature, their classes explore increasingly complex ideas and concepts, while building independence and both personal and academic responsibility. Our goals are to help students gain a better understanding of themselves as learners and adopt strategies and approaches that suit their individual learning styles.
Our classes provide a nurturing, joyful environment that fosters the emotional, social, and academic growth of each child in Kindergarten through Grade Five.

Our Classroom Model

Rashi believes that children learn best when they are challenged and nurtured in a supportive environment in which they have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of peers.

The Lower School has two homerooms in each grade with 2 full-time teachers in each classroom. A learning specialist provides enrichment and support both in the classrooms and in the Learning Center.
  • In Kindergarten, each classroom has 16-18 students.
  • In Grades 1-5, homerooms of 18-20 are connected by breakout rooms that facilitate community building as well as flexible groups across the two classrooms. Our classroom model provides plenty of peer choice as well as opportunities to work in small homogeneous and heterogeneous groups to challenge and nurture every student.