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    Pesach Break

    All-Day Event
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    Pesach Break

    All-Day Event
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    Classes Resume

    All-Day Event
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    Yom HaShoah

    All-Day Event
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    Enrollment Deadline for New Families

    All-Day Event
    Contact: Ilyssa Frey
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    CBB: Hebrew College Presents In-Person Photographic Exhibition

    April 12 to June 6, 2021, visit Hebrew College's Cutler Atrium to for a timed + masked tour of "Faith in Isolation Expressed," a curated photojournalistic exploration. Over the past challenging year, many of us found ourselves looking for strength and faith when separated from our communities. In Hebrew College’s inaugural Arts Initiative project “Faith in Isolation Expressed,” photographer and curator Brenda Bancel has created a photo installation looking at how we found that faith despite our challenges. Free. Visit https://hebrewcollege.edu/events/faith-in-isolation-expressed-art-exhibit/ to learn more and sign up for a tour.
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    Yom HaZikaron

    All-Day Event
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    Yom Ha’atzmaut

    All-Day Event

    CBB: Gateways Presents: Our Daughters, Our Future: An Educational Series Exploring Girls’ Mental Health and Wellness

    On Wednesday, April 14 from 7:30-9:00 pm, Gateways will hold a free webinar on the topic of self-injury as part of our ongoing series on girls’ mental health and wellness. This webinar will give parents and educators practical information on dispelling myths about and recognizing the signs of self-injurious behavior in young people, and provide strategies for having conversations with teens that decrease stigma. The session will be led by psychologist Dr. Ashley Warhol, and feature a young speaker who will share her lived experience. Register at http://bit.ly/girlsMH_self-injury.
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    ERB Preview for Parents

    Virtual Event
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    Kindergarten Family Ed: The Shema

    Virtual Event

    CBB: Wandering in the Wilderness: A Creative Omer Experience

    Wandering in the Wilderness: A Creative Omer Experience An Exploration of Mindfulness and Creative Jewish Art Process For Boston- area Jewish Day School Parents with Rabbi Margie Jacobs

    Wednesdays April 28, May 5, May 12 12:30-2 EDT

    Please register here and send questions to rabbimargie@gmail.com. $54 for the series (Paypal paypal.me/MargeryJacobs).

    Ignite your creativity and access your imagination with Creative Jewish Art Practice! We will explore, create, and experiment through: conversation with each other and a text a facilitated, intuitive use of art materials, and a process of inquiry through writing. In the Jewish year cycle we are in the Omer, the seven-week period from Passover to Shavuot. During the Omer we are in the desert, faced with uncertainty and the possibilities ahead. We are moving toward Sinai -- toward a blueprint for a new way of being. Together, we’ll use a structured creative process to access inner wisdom and insight, and help us to feel more connected and whole. Please note that no background in art is necessary. This process is about accessing our intuition through the art and writing process, not about creating polished images!

    Please bring any materials that you have in your home- colored pencils, markers, paints, magazines, tape/glue, etc. as well as unlined blank paper or a journal and a pencil or pen.

    Rabbi Margie Jacobs is a facilitator of the Jewish Studio Process. Her welcoming, joyful, mindful approach is informed by her 20 years experience as a rabbi and teacher of meditation. She has led an ongoing women’s Jewish Studio Process group since May 2020 and has brought JSP to synagogues, Hillels, retreats, conferences, special events, and groups of Jewish leaders across the country.

    MS Drama Festival Performance

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    Lag BOmer

    All-Day Event
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