Eva Weintraub ’08 is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at the Chiricahua Community Health Center (CCHCI) on the US-Mexico border in Cochise County in the Southeastern corner of Arizona. CCHCI is a Federally Qualified Health Center which provides health care to the population of Cochise County regardless of insurance, ability to pay, or citizenship status. The clinic’s mission is to provide integrated and comprehensive primary care — including preventative, dental and mental health – through regional clinics and outreach in the community. Eva works at a clinic in Douglas, Arizona, which sits on the US-Mexico border across from its sister city, Agua Prieta in Sonora, Mexico.

Eva’s work at the clinic focuses on pediatric primary care, specifically focusing on education, prevention, and a focus on integrated community health efforts. She works with patients from birth through 21 years of age, but she has a specialty interest in diabetes and developmental-behavioral pediatrics.

She has collaborated with specialists at the Tucson Medical Center and Banner University Health to bring resources and programming into her rural county to help support community members with chronic health conditions and specialty needs. This has also included community outreach activities, such as support groups for community members with Type I Diabetes. She has also worked on expanding the clinic’s utilization of Community Health Workers, collaborating closely with the outreach team at her clinic to improve issues of accessibility in her rural community.

Eva joined CCHCI in October 2020, after graduating from Yale School of Nursing where she specialized in Pediatrics and Diabetes Care. She has always been committed to working in an underserved and rural community and was thrilled to join the team at CCHCI after graduation.

Eva has long had an interest in health care provision and policy. As a student at YSN, she collaborated with the Yale School of Public Health to create a proposal for the development of a city-wide Community Health Worker Coordinator in New Haven, CT. She graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in Science in Society and Biology. She wrote her senior thesis on the Development of Federal Vaccine Recommendations. She also collaborated with researchers at Policy Lab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia during this process.

The Tamchui Project at The Rashi School was an important part of Eva’s childhood since she was barely 4 years old and helped sort Tamchui chips for the big kids. She was inspired by several of the organizations she learned about while she was a student at Rashi that supported children’s health, particularly the summer camps and organizations that combined healthcare with fun. She has taken that philosophy into her daily work – encouraging her patients to laugh and play as a critical part of caring for themselves.